Friday, January 31, 2014

the practice before the meet

We were 5 minutes late to practice because the car wouldn't start.  Turns out in our tiredness of last night a door was left ajar. But Boo's papa rushed home from work and a gave us a jump.

Boo on bars

Link to see her floor routine CLICK HERE

how to make a gym meet

Just like constructing a 4-Ring Circus.  

The owners, the parents, siblings, coaches, and even some of the gymnasts unload a semi truck and a trailer packed full of equipment and in a matter of a few hours build a entire gymnastics gymnasium from the ground up complete with an awards stage with balloon arch. 

The gym rats came straight from practice but they jumped right in.  
Of course there was some wrestling and gymnastics breaks taken.
Even a little late night pizza to be had.

Boo playing and loving Gabby's big sister Karlyn.

 Whole families worked together to get done what needed doing. 
  Proving Team is actually a verb.

There was tons of work but also tons of fun.  And amazing moments you wouldn't want to miss.  With as much time as I'm planning on putting in for this meet I have to admit I thought hard about leaving the comfort of our gym and the easy time I would have had watching practice but honestly in the end I didn't want to miss the time I would get to spend with the people who I knew would be down there at the community college setting up.

The girls coming from practice had some wild stories to tell about the capture of the little confused bat who has been stuck in the gym for 2 days.  I considered it some free zen master training.  If you can survive a bat swooping at you while you do your routines you can focus anywhere! Much to the bat's relief it was captured and set free outside by Sophie's dad (of course).

 There was this little story too: 
Gabby & Lizzy approached me to tell me how hard it was for them to watch little Boo sobbing with fear at practice over her round-off dismount on beam. When I asked them if she 'got it' they said she did & would be competing it (*not a verified fact). 
Izzy: "If I cry over something I don't compete it." 
Gabby: "If I didn't compete something I didn't cry about I wouldn't have anything to compete." 

 At one point the owner (also a gym parent of 3 gymnasts!) asked Boo if the head table looked centered to the floor.  Boo paused for a second then laughed, "Why would you ask ME that?!?" 

I love how comfortable Boo is with who she is. I love how the diversity of our gym families helps to create an environment for our girls that fosters individuality while reinforcing the value of teamwork and  good sportsmanship.    
Plus we have Trophy Dads at our gym :)

Sneak peek of the super amazing awards stage under construction, that Lindsey, she can do anything!!! 

Do you see Boo laying in the middle of the floor?

 In the end exhaustion set in and it was time to go home... 
until we meet again.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

of books and movies

We just finished reading The Black Stallion and >surprise< it was nothing like the movie (released way back in 1979) of the same title other than there was a horse and boy and shipwreck.  

When we started the book I assumed, even looked forward to, watching the movie version with Boo when we were done, as do with so many books turned film.  Not happening this time! The movie plot is far off the simple grace of the book I wouldn't ruin it for her. It is sort of a funny twist, a movie from my childhood sent me to try to turn up an old DVD but all I found was the book.  I figured that would be good enough to hold us until we found the movie (ha!). Only to discover how wonderful the book really was and how unnecessarily the movie was overly dramatized (can't have a good kids movie without killing a parent off for no reason).  We loved The Black Stallion. Highly recommend it <3!  

Sure, there have been plenty of books turned movies that we have loved Holes (2003) and even the mixed stories that created the 2010 film Roman and Beezus, instantly pops into my mind. 

And in the reverse we watched the first 2 Harry Potter movies before we took to reading the whole series for ourselves.  Which brings me to our reading now book The Sea of Monsters the 2nd in the Percy Jackson & The Olympians book series.  I never planned on reading this series until I saw the way Boo reacted to the The Lightening Thief.  And as luck would have it we picked up a copy yesterday second hand, perfect timing!   


Friday, January 24, 2014


A new trend has popped up.  Math work keeps getting started earlier & earlier, long before the school day is scheduled to start. Part it maybe because we keep leaving the text book sitting out on the kitchen table with papers and a couple of pencils tucked inside.  It seems to draw us in "Hey, here is something we can do, let's get our math done real fast..."

 I don't mind that math has taken on its own time frame, in fact I like how it has become simply another daily activity we might like to do, like playing a game or reading a book.  But when I look up and see a calculator in with the waffles I think we might need to set some boundaries. 

I am so glad she is loving math <3  This also means the approach of her and I doing her math together as co-students is working better than expected.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

art and architecture

After finishing her morning course work Boo and sat down for an extended afternoon designing, drawing, and constructing 'dream' houses.  A great way to explore scale, planing, plots, basic architecture, from & functionality, and using drawing/drafting tools such as a straight edge. 

...child, where are your glasses? 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

using what we have

I am often asked if we use homeschooling groups or co-ops.  The answer is no.  Boo doesn't like large groups.  She finds crowds too unpredictable.  We have tried out one or two and we met wonderful people doing so but for her the fit wasn't right.  

What I have come to realize is she has a group: her gymnastics team.  

So when her math book called for her to survey her class for data on how many members were in each household (Boo added number of pets) for an exercise on averages and graphing, we turned to her team.

Boo loaded up her little yellow clip board and at break she got 13 of her teammates to give her their household numbers.

Boo isn't the only one who uses the team for school projects.  One of her teammates is currently running a 2 week trial on sports drinks vs. water for hydration during practice.

All and all it is a great little group.  We love our gym :)


aviary field trip

Rumor was it was 16 degrees out when I offered the 9 am field trip to the aviary.  Boo and I managed to slammed out math and reading before piling on some winter layers and heading out.
 We met Little Boo Walker, who we are supposed to be tending a couple of hours on Wednesday mornings for her mother while she is in school, and her dad- apparently we are tending him too. It's okay he is one of my best friends and a great guy to have on hand.  Plus my Boo adores him.

 After walking around enjoying the birds and brisk winter air we went in doors for Book & Bird.

 Once the bird, a young stork, was let out to walk around Little Boo crawled back into her dad's lap just in case.
After that it was time for the real warm up with hot chocolate and a few sugary pasties at Branbury Cross, one of the best donut shop in Salt Lake.
From there we ran a few errands on the way home.  One of which was getting Boo's back-up pair of glasses into the optimist for a current set of RX lens so she has a non-broken pair for her next meet. "Should be in one the first."  Sure hope so because she competes on the 1st at 11:30 am. 
As we pulled in at home Sarah, Sophie's mom puled in behind us.  I had completely forgot she was driving the ninjas gym! There was time for a bite to eat and to pack a gym bag and Boo was shuttled off leaving me the rest of the afternoon to myself.  Sort wish everyday was Wednesday.  

*Don't be too jealous I promised to help with meet preparations (our gym is hosting the next meet) I have to be up to the gym in enough time to get a few hundred medals put together and sorted.