Monday, November 17, 2014

her space

Boo spent the night at friends giving me a little time to not be somebody's mom.  But I found myself visiting her room anyway. 
Her door covered with art and her calendar covered with GYM.
The air vent her papa promised to finish and tuck away that she turned into a giant green snake and a few of her many ponies.

Of course there are these which she says, "I like winning them but I don't care about having them." And yet in the corner over there the 1st & 2nd place hooks look exceptionally full.
We have Thanksgiving decorations out....
...and her Christmas list.
She's a good kid.
 I like her space all it needs is her.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

day tripping

A few weekends back we took a family day trip to Idaho to visit a hot springs we had never been to before. It's a little place nestled in a mountainous valley beside a section of the Bear River. 

It is called Maple Grove Hot Springs. Turns out it is under new management. We spent a lot of time talking with them. They even took us around to show us areas not open to the public.

We all feel in love. You really can't argue with too much over a short, and beautiful, 2.5 hr drive to get to paradise (& lottery tickets!). We can't wait to go back.

beautiful life

These beautiful pics of the little giants are from a birthday party held at a fire station. Happy Birthday Finn!

the animal life

We are still here. Living and learning without boarders. Right now it seems animals have taken center stage.  

Boo's new bird has charmed the entire family. Latte winning the title of the calmest pony, letting her young rider monkey around in the saddle.

And then there have been the discoveries of a mummified cat on the property and a dying beaver on the river trail.

  An encounter with an amazing cat at a horse show.

I'd say we have zoology well covered.