Monday, December 30, 2013

not much

Not much has been going on but I thought I better pop in and say Hello.  

We have taken the holiday off from school although we spent a lot of time yesterday watching science and history clips on Youtube. 

Boo has gym basically everyday 9-1 over the break so homeschooling won't return over here until the schedule returns to normal on Jan 6th.  Plus she has her first real season meet on Friday so training this week is sort of crazy. One exciting activity we did do was take a day trip to Crystal Hot Springs (63 miles north of SLC) with Boo’s ninja buddy and her mom. 

I have managed to stay out of the gym (proshop is closed) and have taken my 4 hour blocks of free time to turn our house upside down conquering the clutter! We have found a lot of items to donate and we filled our trash and recycling cans to the top!!! I even got Boo’s Papa to go through his mountain of clothing. He donated a full laundry basket of stuff and a bag of t shirts to use as shop rags. YEAH!  Most of Boo’s stuff we pass off to friends who have smaller kids and that has been fun too getting to see our stuff go people we love. Hopefully we will have a organized spotless (minus our state of habitual construction projects undone) by New Years.

At the same time I am tackling the next three months of home school projects, fun but a lot of work.  Just before we took our break I posted a new schedule for school but after gym schedule changed again (adding a 5th training day for Boo, forgot to tell you that? yep she is at 20 hrs now) & talking to Boo I realized it isn’t going to work. It seems I am having a hard time keeping up with her needs- mostly her desire to 'do more'. I also wasn't aware of some personal goals she wanted to work on sooooo when we do go back to school we will be trying out different ideas until we find what is going to work for both of us.

Gotta go run the gym taxi :)

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

Boo and I finished making and bagging the mountains of candy popcorn for friends, family, and neighbors. Received a few visitors, did a bit of cleaning, I took a run, and we headed off to deliver popcorn with a small stop to a local park to drop off a care package to a homeless man living/camping there this winter.

Christmas Stashes! 

THEN it was party time!!!!
 For our family Christmas Eve is the biggest chunk of the Christmas holiday.
My family is loud, sarcastic, smart, and funny. 
My oldest sister hosts the party.  
She found this plate game somewhere and it was a huge hit! 
You put a paper plate on your head and are asked to draw piece by piece a Christmas scene.  You are given points for how accurate your drawing was like was your stocking touching the mantel, was your gift under your tree, was your tree touching your floor line, and points for each ornament on your Christmas tree.
One of the many nice things about this party is BC's parents come too so Boo gets to have Christmas Eve with both sets of her grandparents. 
BC, my Aunt Tony, and BC's mom playing the plate game.

That guy in the red sweater is my dad showing off his 1 point drawing!
Aunt Jenn, Uncle Keith, and *favorite* cousin Chloe tracking Santa~
Animal love of all kinds.
Don't forget about the presents!!! 
A couple of pics of the whole mob scene....

And the Ries-Brown family plus C-Boy's new very brave girlfriend.  That would be left to right Girlfriend Alexis, Sister Alexis, Conner, Boo-bear, Me, and BC.  
(We missed Boy Alex who was at work)

Merry Christmas Eve for all of us <3 

The End!