Wednesday, February 11, 2015

thrifty find Fish Eat Fish board game

We picked up Fish Eat Fish at a local thrift store while looking for a checkers set. It retails new for 24.99 and we paid 1.50! Don't let the cuteness of the little game pieces fool you! Fish Eat Fish is a clever abstract game it lies somewhere between Checkers and Chess on the strategy continuum, with a nice element of poker style bluffing.

travel meet traveling and Arches Utah (part 1)

 Friday we threw our bags in the big red van and drove down to Moab where Beach's papa in living and working building a house for a client/friends. 
The prep for this travel meet didn't seem quite so complex. You always have to pack your gym bag: grips, heel cup, competition leo, panties, bra, and team warm-ups.
 Yes, little Beachy-Boo is in a bra, well sort of. Its not really doing anything other than I decided when the team was being issued undergarments that rather than opt out of the bra this year perhaps now was a fine time to start getting used to it. And if/when the time comes that she needs it she already has access to one. The funny thing about it was at the last meet Boo stepped out of a bathroom stall in the busy bathroom at the venue just wearing the panties and bra to ask her teammate, "Sophie, is this thing on backwards." One of the judges happened to be in the room too- she was dying laughing! 
Anyway, other than a gym bag we packed what is now our standard: one travel outfit with layers and a light jacket (we are having a very mild winter here in the west), a team dinner outfit, night clothing, swimsuit, bathroom/meet hair items, and a second travel outfit.
We made great time to Moab. Spent the afternoon hiking around in Arches, swam at the local pool, and stayed the night. I have to say Arches was magnificent!  The weather was fantastic and it was off season so we mostly have the place to ourselves.

The next day with Boo's papa on-board we did the long part of the drive into Colorado Springs, gorgeous but long! We just barely arrived in town to make the team dinner. Then it was on to the hotel....cont at the post results and more from Colorado Springs (part 2).

results and more from Colorado Springs (part 2)

Okay, so this is the Broadmoor where we stayed in Colorado Springs. It is a 5 star resort on a sprawling campus of gorgeous buildings and green spaces tucked high on the foothills with amazing mountain views.
Our level 8's competed on Saturday, the day we were driving in so we didn't get to see them compete. But we make the team dinner and we, well the girls that is, did get to attended the famous gymnasts only party in the Rocky Mt Ballroom that night. Beach and the other level 7's didn't stay too long. The party started at 8pm and our girls competed in the early session Sunday morning so they needed to go to bed at a responsible hour.  
In fact my kid decided on her own it was time to turn in, left the party, and returned to the room. It would have been a good idea if she had a room key which she did not. I happened to come across her in the lobby just as she reached the head of the line at the front desk and was requesting a room key. She is such a funny kid!
Beach had an interesting meet. There were a few split second but good decisions made by her while competing. It is hard to say she had a bad meet when her all around is so high but for her it was well we can stick with strange. As a parent watching it was the most fun I have ever had. It was the first time I felt like she was actually in control of what was going on. It is hard to explain but seeing her being able to rescue herself changes the game a bit. She knows enough and has solid enough skills if she makes a mistake she has at least a chance to correct for it. 
The scores: 9.1 vault, 9.175 bars, 9.275 beam, 9.550 floor, 37.10 all around. The judges handed out Judge Choice awards in each session, which I loved.  Beach received one for her floor routine. The team overall placed 4th against some strong gyms out of Texas and Colorado. Some of Boo's other teammates struggled but Beach's good buddy Sophie had a great meet!
After their session the kids took some downtime in the room then hit the pool which was directly across the lake from our building.
Walked the grounds and played a little checkers- Beach's new favorite game.
After dark we walked down to the piano bar the Golden Bee with a couple of teammates and their parents for fried pickles, ginger ales (beer for the parents!), and 3 scoops of ice cream to split! 
We were one of the last families to head home, leaving the next morning. For us dropping Beach's papa back off in Moab meant a 12 drive home. But it was well worth it. 
We are half way through season and Beach is having a blast and a great season! 
3 down, 3 to go.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

results from the Rocky Mt. Invitational 2015

Another meet down! 
This one we were the host gym. Not going to lie that is a ton of work! We have a few fantastic coaches and families who work really hard to support our gym and our girls!!! Not everyone seems to understand how much work it takes to host a meet. I did however have a mom from our gym that I don't know well buy me a coffee and tell me how much she appreciates the hard work and effort we were putting in. How sweet is that?!!? 

Even shorthanded on muscle we more than just made it through, things went fantastic. GTC always runs a good meet.

We set up late Thursday night in Lehi about 24 miles south of SLC. The girls shuttled Friday's practice from our gym to the meet site so they could get a practice in at the venue. Immediately followed by the first session of competition. 

Saturday morning I came in around 6:30 am to help with the early session of competing compulsory teams. I love getting to listen to the judges judge, you learn so much! Most importantly you are reminded that most of them are super sweet people who want your kid to do well, maybe even more than you do. 

Because I had to be in Lehi so early Saturday morning Beach caught a ride down a bit later with Sophie's dad. Thanks Jeff-Dad! 

Vault 9.050

Beach's team of Level 6's and Level 7's competed together in the second session of the day. That was their first meet with New Coach Steve running with them. He's defiantly a keeper. 

Last but not least our Level 8's competed the final session. Followed by deconstruction of the meet and loading of all the equipment back into the giant truck.  

As for the gymnastics part of it Beach and her whole team rocked! In fact all our levels/teams did well. Strong work GTC and as always (like I said before) a beautifully run meet.  

 Bars 9.4 (1st)
(sorry they are sideways! Blogger won't flip 'em) 

Beach's personal victory was on bars where she earned permission for her "A" routine and not only competed it but nailed it! Way to go BOO <3 The rest was just nice like a 9.550 Floor (2nd) and 9.35 (3rd) on Beam, a first place in the All Around (37.350), and the Team took FIRST! Link to FLOOR Link to BEAM

....hate to say this but on to Colorado, where the girls compete next weekend!