Monday, July 29, 2013

poetry and the poetry word grab game

Let's talk about this subject we are calling Poetry: it is reading, writing, and for us eye work in disguise.
It is on the schedule for Mondays following science. Boo likes Poetry as opposed to Language Arts or Reading because she views poetry as free, fun, & short, verses complex and daunting, thank you boring workbooks for that perception of Language Arts :/ We will stick with Mad Libs and Poetry from here on out.
The other advantage to Poetry is when you are dealing with a reluctant reader poetry tends to have an instant payoff.  They can read a whole poem (or several poems) and feel accomplished.  The same amount of time in a novel they might feel like they aren't getting anywhere.

Today we pulled out the poetry word grab basket: write a short shorty or poem using 10 randomly drawn words. I think what makes this game reading and writing is obvious.  What makes this eye work is use of the various fonts.  Boo struggles reading letters written in any other way than how she expects them to look.  I often get little questions from her like "What is that strange R?" Well, it is a "K".  "What is that squiggle?" a "G".  So it is very good for her to see letters in strange fonts not to mention different font sizes! 

  The prep time is the killer on this game.  I spent about an hour combing through magazines, cutting and gluing words yesterday.  When it is time to refill the basket I am going make Boo help :) 

(You might notice in the first pic Boo is not wearing her glasses.  When she began reading she realized she needed them. We spent 20 minutes hunting them down.  I thought we had really lost them this time!)  

 And of course Boo always goes her own way.  You might be able to see the word was BOOKS which she turned into Bookstore :) I think public school teachers everywhere should thank me for homeschooling this nonconformist.  I can only imagine the hours of debate I am saving them.

 And that is Poetry, wink, wink.

the weekend

Sunday, July 28, 2013

market treasure you can't buy

 Every Sunday we can we ride down to the market
 The vendors all know Boo, she is the Little Gymnast.
 This summer another little girl everyone at Market seems to know is Alexis.
Alexis & Boo
 And when Alexis met Boo it was instant love!  
Alexis took Boo around to all the booths to show her to everyone.
Alexis tapping Boo's belly to get people to say hello to her.
Alexis with a firm hold on Boo scoring them a pair of free apricots.
Boo and Alexis dancing together
 They really make the most perfect pair <3 
We love our little world down here.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

now reading: Stone Fox

what about school?

This morning I let Boo create and write her school schedule for the rest of the summer.  We sat out on the deck under a light sprinkling rain and planned.  I love watching her navigate life.

 First we made a list of subjects and talked about how important she felt each one was.  We also talked about different ways to schedule school days and which styles seem to work best for us. We both agreed we liked days with 3 or less subjects so we feel free to do deep study.
When she had a good idea about how she wanted the week to go she mapped it out.  This is what she came up with:

Monday: Science & poetry (reading, writing, & spelling)

Tuesday: Math, history, & reading

Wednesday: Spelling w/ handwriting & reading

Thursday: Math, history, & reading

Friday: Spelling w/ handwriting & reading

Saturday & SundayGames, art, and researching the answers to big questions.

Of course not everything is on here.  Things like sewing, cooking, french vocabulary, keyboarding, agriculture, nature hikes/walks, physical education and games, swimming, family reading, current events, etc., are normal parts of our life.

And of course there is always GYM :) 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Pioneer Days Celebrations, it is a Utah thing

 Smoke Dancers


 Purple Haze!

 Lighting up the sky
 Those who don't love the big bangs taking shelter in the house

 Fire Dancing
Happy Pioneer Day Folks <3 

Thanks again for having us all over :) We may not still be together on the group W bench at gym but we are still together when it counts :) Carry on!