Thursday, July 18, 2013

she who learns last, more on Chess

Boo watching the YouTube chess video
Last night after tucking Boo in Boo's Papa came into our room and laid face down on the bed.  
"We are in so much trouble I just got my butt kicked by her in Chess."  
Now Boo's Papa is a good Chess player, very good! So I asked him, "For reals, or you let her?"
"I didn't let her." He groaned rolling over. "I didn't even have to tell her anything.  We made a few moves and it was going fine then she kicked my butt all over the board.  Fast too.  She totally gets it.  She kept saying 'this might be a stupid move but I am just trying something out' and it would be an amazing move she was making."
"You do realize that is only the third time she has ever played?"
"We are in so much trouble!" He laughed.

~I guess this is a little reminder the child knows when she/he is ready to learn something~

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  1. Ha...Ha...didn't you already know? True. this does make whatever you did know, much worse.