Saturday, July 27, 2013

what about school?

This morning I let Boo create and write her school schedule for the rest of the summer.  We sat out on the deck under a light sprinkling rain and planned.  I love watching her navigate life.

 First we made a list of subjects and talked about how important she felt each one was.  We also talked about different ways to schedule school days and which styles seem to work best for us. We both agreed we liked days with 3 or less subjects so we feel free to do deep study.
When she had a good idea about how she wanted the week to go she mapped it out.  This is what she came up with:

Monday: Science & poetry (reading, writing, & spelling)

Tuesday: Math, history, & reading

Wednesday: Spelling w/ handwriting & reading

Thursday: Math, history, & reading

Friday: Spelling w/ handwriting & reading

Saturday & SundayGames, art, and researching the answers to big questions.

Of course not everything is on here.  Things like sewing, cooking, french vocabulary, keyboarding, agriculture, nature hikes/walks, physical education and games, swimming, family reading, current events, etc., are normal parts of our life.

And of course there is always GYM :) 

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