Tuesday, July 9, 2013


It wasn’t THAT it happened but more HOW it happened.  One moment she was standing alone in line with 2 parent dutifully watching her and the next she was busy chatting with two girls who looked to be about her age.  The plan had been after she crossed the rope obstacles she wanted to check out the kiddy pool...What she did next was the shocker, at least for me.  I could see by the way she was standing with them nervous, guilty glances towards the kiddy pool, plan “A” (go to the kiddy pool with her parents) was long gone. She obviously had joined the other girls that much I understood but to have her literally turn her back to us was jaw dropping.  We spent the next ten minutes trailing them through the water park like idiots (feeling a touch creepy!) until Boo’s Papa had had enough.  “Let her go with them, let’s do our own thing.  She knows her way around.  She knows where our stuff is.”

I would be the first (okay, maybe the tenth) to admit developmentally, emotionally, and physically she is ready for more independence.  I just thought we might take it a bit slower.  I thought it would progress in small steps not sprinting. BUT bolt is what she did.

After she had been out of sight for about an hour I spotted her and her buddies heading for the slides.  At that point her Papa had left for work and they let me tag along.  Turns out one of them is a Level 3 gymnast who competes out of Legacy in Lehi, Utah and the other girl is her cousin from Idaho visiting for a family reunion.

When it was time to go there were hugs good-bye.  I told Boo she had done great but I explained next time she finds new friends (or old ones) she needs to excuse herself to run her plans by us first. (Oh-my, there is going to be a next time?! lol)



  1. Awesome, sad and scary all at the same time!

  2. Let her go! Let her go! It is good. I think our gymnasts are just so tiny it makes them seem younger than they are. But that Beach has an unfettered sense of who she is and that is worth trusting.