Tuesday, July 23, 2013

and score out she did!

Isn't this the sweetest pic of Boo and her (not feeling well at all) Papa?!?!?! 
Tiny bit of nerves showing through :)

Heading in to the Score Out meet.  
That backpack is almost bigger than her.
Boo with a couple of her mates before the meet.  
I have to say she looked pretty dang fantastic out there no question on the meeting the much needed 31!!!! We don't have score specifics it was a good clean 'yes, you did' or 'no, you did not' and we all got the big YES YOU DID!! Way to go you guys :)  

 Straight into PJ :) All is well in the gym world.
Congratulations to our fine coaches at GTC our/your girls looked like super stars out there today.  I don't know how you guys do it!  


  1. congrats! we are rushing over here to get ready for the compulsory season starting aug 25. my daughter is struggling a bit with confidence when doing a back handspring. she has done it before but now wants a spot....oh well. she will be fine :)

    1. She will be fine! On Friday Boo stopping having her coaches put a hand on her for her fly away on bars that is only 2 practices before needing it un-spotted at today's meet AND it was absolutely beautiful to watch! Your little one will work through it. Good luck on this season >so exciting!<