Sunday, July 7, 2013

night games

This is supposed to be a game of capture the flag although the stool, baseball bat, and hula-hoop are new additions...
 The friendships though is very old.  
As old as our life here living west on the valley floor.
 "A" in the white top and her bat wielding younger sister "K" used to live next door to us with their mom.
The girls played together daily for years until a their whole world turned upside down and the end result of a lot of grown-up mistakes their mom was deported.  Leaving them and their older siblings behind.
 They now live with their grandma not too far away but we hardly get to see them.  I think it can be painful for them to be here with us when nothing and everything has changed.  I know for Boo having them so close but so far away has been heart breaking.
 Moments like these, returning from a walk to find them as they should be playing together in the yard at night are so important to us. 
 The twins live in their place next door.
 But they don't live in the same place in Boo's heart.
 Precious moments of childhood.
Long after childhood has been removed.

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