Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ancient Rome (part 3 of 3)

Ancient Rome (part 3 of 3)

I. Where's the Spaghetti?
II.  Roman Sports: Play at Your Own Risk

III.  Let's Go to the Races
IV.  Pompeii: A City Frozen in Time
V.  A Long Line of Emperors
VI.  Nero: Not a Hero

VII. Christians During the Days of Ancient Rome
VIII. The Beginning of the End for the Empire
IX. Constantine Sees A Burning Cross
X.  Constantinople: A City Full of Art

XI.  The Fall of the Roman Empire
XII.  Justinian's Code: A Gift from the Byzantine Empire

End Note: I know I swore off Magic Tree House books but I also included Ancient Rome and Pompeii, a nonfiction companion to Vacation under the Volcano, as nice overview and end to this unit.

Friday, December 21, 2012

the months of the year, a gift from Rome

NameComes fromWho or what?Why?
JanuaryJanusGod of DoorsThis month opens the year. 
FebruaryfebruopurifyThis was a Roman month of sacrifices and purification.
MarchMarsGod of WarStart of year for soldiers (no fighting during winter).
AprilaperiroopenThis is the month when trees open their leaves.
MayMaiaGoddess of Growth/SpringThis is the month when plants really start to grow.
JuneJunoQueen of the GodsThe queen of the gods and Roman goddess of marriage.
JulyJulius CaesarRuler of RomeHe reorganized the calendar.
AugustAugustusEmperor of Rome
SeptemberseptemsevenSeventh month (counting from March).
OctoberoctoeightEighth month (counting from March).
NovembernovemnineNinth month (counting from March).
DecemberdecemtenTenth month (counting from March).

Ancient Rome (part 2 of 3)

Ancient Rome (part 2 of 3)

I.  Julius Caesar Shows the Pirates Who's Boss

II. Pompey, Caesar's Rival
III. Crossing the Rubicon
IV. Caesar Meets Cleopatra

V.  Pride Comes Before the Fall

VI.  All for Love- And Power
VII.  Octavian Becomes Augustus Caesar

VIII.  Pax Romana
IX.  Downtown in the Roman Empire

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ancient Rome (part 1 of 3)

Ancient Rome (part 1 of 3)

I.  The Legend of How Rome Began

II. Religion, Roman Style

III. Romes Powerful Location
IV. Rome's Early Republic

V. Who's Got Class
VI. Rome and Its Provinces
VII.  Latin Lives
VIII. Conquering Carthage

IX. Hannibal Keeps His Promise

X. The Final Defeat of Carthage
XI. All Roads Lead to Rome

fraction pizza

We decided to forgo the workbook pages of 3rd grade multiplication today in favor of a math project with equivalent fractions.  I am sure glad we did because Boo seemed to need the refresher on the concept.  It turned more into a lesson than I planned on for both of us, use it or lose it!  

4/8 or 1/2 the pizza had pepperoni
4/8 or 1/2 the pizza has mushrooms
2/8 or 1/4 has green peppers

If we divided the pizza into 16 slices....
If we divided the pizza into 32 slices....

the Earth's changing surface

Longman Earth Science Part 1 
(lessons 1 & 2)

extrusive igneous
intrusive igneous
Inner core
Outer core

Homemade play dough  
In a medium sauce pan combine 1 cup flour, 1 cup water, 2 teaspoons cream of tartar, 1/3 cup salt, 1 tablespoon vegetable oil.  Cook, stirring constantly until a thick ball of dough forms.  Dough should pull away from the pan sides.  Remove from heat.  Kneed in food coloring.

3-D Model of the Earth's Layers 
(using sectional diagrams)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday mornings


The wind is blowing outside and we haven’t left the house.  I sit at my desk, facebook open on my computer, watching the heart breaking notes of my friends dropping their kids off at school.  I want to tell them I love them.  My grateful heart aches for their worry today. 
My child is on stairs at the board working away on a word problem.  We have Rome waiting in the wings, multiplication, silent letter spelling list (kn), Name that State board game, My Father’s Dragon, Sammy’s Story Shop UEN, Earth Science, and sugar cookies to make.   
We need to pop into the bakery to buy bread.  The women at the counter know us and always offer a piece of candy.  We could do some laundry if for nothing else than to feel the warm dryer fresh towels.  At lunchtime we will sit in the kitchen listening to NPR eating tomato soup and nibbling on grilled cheese sandwiches and sliced kiwis.  
A little before 3 make our way to a friend’s house to meet up before gym and for me to work my other job.  Tonight there will be a holiday party.  We go and stay late at the gym watching the team girls run wild through the gymnasium, siblings not far behind.  Eat good food.  Talk good talk.  Drive home in the dark.   
I am grateful for our simple day and for the sound of the wind outside the window.  Grateful for the pleasure of watching my child hold a mug of hot chocolate while moving her piece around the board naming states as we go.  Grateful for math we can do on the sofa under blankets and reading lying on the floor listening to the sound of dishwasher humming.  No bells, no lines, no hall passes.
I give up a lot to be here.  She gives up some things too.  And on Monday mornings such as this one I know it is worth it.  We tap our stocking feet together and say ‘there is no place like home.’                  

Saturday, December 15, 2012

school these days

As of late I haven’t posted here too often other than to note books we are reading.  The reason for the silence is we have settled into a simple school routine which I feel the beauty of it would be lost in translation.  However recently I was reminded how as a new home schooling parent I was starved for insight into what home schooling might look/feel like.  Our main focus lately has been language/reading/spelling.  Here is how our days and weeks have generally played out.

Monday-Friday.  School time begins around 9 am following breakfast, chores, getting dressed/fixing hair, & PBS kids.

We start with the Today Board which takes us about 30 minutes to cover:
  • calendar work
  • number of the day
  • daily math fact family
  • spelling practice on the most common reading words
  • spelling words from 1000 Spellings
  • Hangman
  • US State of the day
  • To Do list with time line and elapsed time math    

From there the schedule looks something like this:

  • History/Science (30 minutes: Hirsch 3rd grade & 4th grade.  We finished our US history unit and started World History. Longman Science (3) Books)
  • Math (30 minutes: mostly workbook pages.  After a long stall on subtraction we finished our 2nd grade math book & have moved into Everyday Mathematics grade 3 & 100 Reproducible Activities: Grades 3-4, where she sailed through the review pages of three & four digit subtraction & additions regrouping straight into multiplication/division and fractions!!!)
  • Spelling Games/Writing (30 minutes: 1000 Spelling, boggle, scrabble, crosswords, projects)
  • Reading (30 min: right now she is reading the Trilogy My Father’s Dragon)

We usually take a break before lunch to go on a walk or do house work and for me to get a work out in.  On most days school work is completed by lunch time leaving the projects and games for the afternoon. 

  • Projects (1 hour: art, baking, crafts, sewing)
  • Games (1 hour through out the rest of the day: connect four, hangman, UNO, & other board/card games)
  • Other readings.     
Nightly family reading (1 hour: right now we are reading The Horse and His Boy)

Mon/Wed/Fri Gymnastics Practice
Tue/Thur Swimming

Most weeks Boo has a Grandma Day, when she packs up all her games, sewing projects, and arts and goes to my mom’s house for the whole day!!! I use that day to shop, plan school work, and put in a few hours at my other job.

Simple and sweet :) and forever grateful to be home with my baby!!! 


Saturday, December 1, 2012

the main event advent

This year Boo's main Christmas gift will not be under the tree December 25.  There will be no big surprises, packages, or bows.  Her gift: an out of state gymnastics meet entrance fee, gas, food, & hotel.  Her gymnastic's team has an out of state meet in January $$$.  Last year we decided it would simply be too much of a financial strain to go but this year her whole team is going so we started saving.  Knowing it meant there will not be a gift under the tree for her (the trip far exceeding our holiday budge for the whole family & then some!).
I am a firm believer in simple holidays, home made gifts, second hand treasures, full of activities, charity, and small wonders.  I wanted to make sure those elements did not get lost along the way. Between some mad sewing and the dollar store I put together an Advent Calendar of 24 little surprises.  Monsters, gum, pop rocks, activity days, dollar store magic kits....the stuff Boo loves.  End cost $8.00.
Boo taking a long peek in the bag and giggling, "I can't wait until December 1st!"
100% life is what you make of it.