Saturday, December 15, 2012

school these days

As of late I haven’t posted here too often other than to note books we are reading.  The reason for the silence is we have settled into a simple school routine which I feel the beauty of it would be lost in translation.  However recently I was reminded how as a new home schooling parent I was starved for insight into what home schooling might look/feel like.  Our main focus lately has been language/reading/spelling.  Here is how our days and weeks have generally played out.

Monday-Friday.  School time begins around 9 am following breakfast, chores, getting dressed/fixing hair, & PBS kids.

We start with the Today Board which takes us about 30 minutes to cover:
  • calendar work
  • number of the day
  • daily math fact family
  • spelling practice on the most common reading words
  • spelling words from 1000 Spellings
  • Hangman
  • US State of the day
  • To Do list with time line and elapsed time math    

From there the schedule looks something like this:

  • History/Science (30 minutes: Hirsch 3rd grade & 4th grade.  We finished our US history unit and started World History. Longman Science (3) Books)
  • Math (30 minutes: mostly workbook pages.  After a long stall on subtraction we finished our 2nd grade math book & have moved into Everyday Mathematics grade 3 & 100 Reproducible Activities: Grades 3-4, where she sailed through the review pages of three & four digit subtraction & additions regrouping straight into multiplication/division and fractions!!!)
  • Spelling Games/Writing (30 minutes: 1000 Spelling, boggle, scrabble, crosswords, projects)
  • Reading (30 min: right now she is reading the Trilogy My Father’s Dragon)

We usually take a break before lunch to go on a walk or do house work and for me to get a work out in.  On most days school work is completed by lunch time leaving the projects and games for the afternoon. 

  • Projects (1 hour: art, baking, crafts, sewing)
  • Games (1 hour through out the rest of the day: connect four, hangman, UNO, & other board/card games)
  • Other readings.     
Nightly family reading (1 hour: right now we are reading The Horse and His Boy)

Mon/Wed/Fri Gymnastics Practice
Tue/Thur Swimming

Most weeks Boo has a Grandma Day, when she packs up all her games, sewing projects, and arts and goes to my mom’s house for the whole day!!! I use that day to shop, plan school work, and put in a few hours at my other job.

Simple and sweet :) and forever grateful to be home with my baby!!! 


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