Tuesday, May 26, 2015

how it works outside the books, a learning life

 The chore/life.
Do you want to help mom pick spinach?
 The discovery. 
"Mom, there is something on this leaf..."
 The explorations and following discussion.
Caterpillars, moths, butterflies, cycle of life, consequences of her curiosity/intervention "I feel bad I ruined it...", garden pests, helpful garden insects, and the now what... feed it to a hen

Sunday, May 24, 2015

school grows up again

Surprise summer is right around the corner! 
Second week in June gym workout moves back to the morning, 8-1 Mon-Friday, which means if we plan to school we have to make some big adjustments.  
On Beach’s request to keep on schooling we have picked up a few new (streamlined) books to explore the following subjects this summer starting with Algebra. 
I knew she would be ready as soon as season ended. Oh-man was that a struggle to find a workbook that was visually suitable for Beach! But I found one: Math Tutor All Ages Algebra Skills, Easy Review For The Struggling Student. The advantage to using a review book instead of a textbook is the lessons are simple one topic lessons clearly spelled out and include just the right amount of practice before moving on. 
We also picked up a 4th grade speller. Something we found while looking for an Algebra book. Beach fell in love with it and its cute little built in timer. She’s already started working in it on her own time. At this rate I might need to go the 5th and 6th grade versions before the summer is over. She is having a blast with it.
The last of the new materials is a workbook for Ancient Rome. I was surprised when Beach asked to revisit Ancient Rome but so far what we have been studying has held her interest so I figured why not try doing a whole pre-planned unit on it. We have used Evan-Moor books before and loved them.
The last 2 topics Science Studies & Writing we pulled from our home library.  Continuing Environmental Science and then who knows? Maybe Zoology since we finally splurged and picked up a zoo pass.
AND of course reading! Lots of reading! Then there is horse back riding, friends, swimming, hiking, fishing, gardening, star gazing, camping, trips to Moab, art, family vacations, sleep away gym camp, free gym, sUmMeR tImE!
I’m not 100% sure how we are going to do all this (that would be the grown-up part, admitting I don't have a plan!) but welcome to summer school!   

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

gym, Moab, & Mother's Day

This weekend we drove down to Moab to see Beach's Papa. You might already know he has been living & working down there (~4 hrs south of SLC) building a Straw Bale House.  
Big Coach D had given the girls a week off of gym after Regionals. I can't say we did much during the week because Beach was sick and I still had to work at the gym. Beach had to "work" a little too.
She loves her coaching-thing with Coach Dan on Friday mornings. She and Dan took these pics of one of the classes. Pretty cute stuff!!! Anyway, we took advantage of long break from gym to include some time with Papa. We meant to leave Friday night but it took us a little longer than planned to pack and settled the house for the house sitter and to get Beach's half brother off to see his mom in Idaho for Mother's Day with her. 
So instead of driving Spanish Fork canyon in the dark we left very early Saturday morning. Rolled into Moab a tiny hair past 9am. We tooled around town, hung out on the building lot, and Beach played house in her Papa's trailer while he finished a shortened work day.
In the afternoon we hit the road leading south out of town for some hiking in Mill Creek followed by fishing at Ken's Lake.  
The next morning was Mother's Day.
After breakfast dad-style we headed for Dead Horse Point State Park. 
But first we had to stop at local rock shop.
Dead Horse Point
After Dead Horse we headed way out into the wild looking for Dead Horse Ranch. A beautiful historic (private) ranch well hidden up a red cliff canyon.  Beach's papa knows the caretaker. 
Amazing spot! Then back out to the wilds of the desert.
 Back in town for a quick ride on papa's new bike, a hop through the community pool, and home again.