Friday, February 8, 2013

the letter

The letter was waiting for her on her bed.
Welcome to Level 6 Gymnastics Little Boo.
The phone calls to teammates.

End Note:  Boo's fantastic team of 10 Little Giants is changing, as all things must.  Over the last week we have said Good-Bye to 2 members sending them off to find their stars in other places & spaces.  And yesterday we found out 1 more has decided moving forward right now is not for her.  The 7 remaining ninjas along with their beloved Coach will merge with other gymnasts older than them, some much older.  They will be joined by Boo's old Coach pairing the Dream Team of GTC coaches together. Good luck everyone.


  1. Dream Team - yes! I agree. I couldn't wish for better coaches.
    Here's to another round of tears, trials and triumph for our girls.
    Glad you're in it with me.