Wednesday, February 6, 2013

working hard

We have a lot going on these days both at home with school and in the gym with team.  Home school seems to be buzzing again.  Third grade core math well under way, finished 3rd grade US history in the fall which gave us time for Ancient History and more science.  

We just completed our Longman's Earth Science book but I found a great 4th Geography Unit to follow with so we will be hanging around Earth Science a bit longer.    

Boo has been working very hard on her reading!  With a visual impairment reading can be tricky.  Legally blind in one eye Boo's eyes simply cannot work together a condition known as convergence insufficiency.

(Helpful link HERE)

Finding books for her is hard.  Watching her struggle is even harder.  I began keeping track of the worlds she struggled with and at first it seemed random but after a week of the pattern began to appear.  Words with "L" and "I" and "double "T" are the most challenging.  And deciphering handwriting is a nightmare for her.  We use lots of notes left around the house to try to help her practice.  

Which brings us to gym, the one-eye wonder and her teammates have been in 'try outs' since they returned from their out of state meet.  We are patiently waiting for her letter telling us if she made it to Level 6 or not.  Should see it about Thursday is the word on the street....If she did gym becomes a 4 day a week deal.

We will let you know how she does.


  1. This weeks been rough for us with school (we started getting more structured at the beginning of January) so we are kinda letting it slide a bit.

    Good luck with the Level 6!

    1. Tina,
      We are digging out of a mess I put us in. We were getting so much book work done I started cutting corners on the fun. School became a chore for both of us. I thought "What is wrong? Why aren't we as happy as we used to be?" and it hit me. Now we are back to enjoying all the reasons we home school in the first place!!!

    2. I think I might keep this in mind. We started using a modified version of the workbox system, but I find I keep adding more work and less fun as I feel more pressured to actually "teach" her something. I think next week we will focus more on the fun educational things and worry less about what she "should" be learning.

      Glad to see your posts again!