Monday, February 11, 2013

word work for gym

One of many changes moving up in gymnastics has in store for Boo is getting to mingle with older girls.  And along with older girls older expectations.  In her LETTER we were asked to have her bring a spiral bound notebook for goal writing to gym.  The look on Boo's face was note worthy: she believes she cannot read or write well enough to fit in.  Part of that is true, she reads below grade level but equally true is the fact that SHE doesn't giver herself enough credit for how well she does read, especially with her visual disability.

Boo without her glasses, eye appointment pending.

 To help get her comfortable today's word work were all gym related terms.  We wrote about 20 gymnastics words on lined paper. We took out our library of donated magazines (thanks mom!) and combed through them for the letters we needed and other words and terms Boo thought fit.

Half way through the project she started getting super excited! She asked if she might give one page to each of her coaches tonight and began custom designing it fight each of their coaching styles. 

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  1. Great idea to use collage. Anything to make it more fun!