Thursday, July 5, 2012

the right amount of wonderful

I was reminded yesterday how lucky we are to have simple joy in our lives.  At the last minute I decided to take Boo to get 4th of July fireworks.  She had been talking quite a bit about ground roses.  I don't love fireworks, I don't even like them, and our whole state seems to be on fire but you know how you feel looking at your child... so a few fireworks bought & a few bucks literally up in flames will be okay.   
We stopped by a TNT fireworks tent.  In the doorway propped up for all to see was a coffin size pack of fireworks for just $499.00.  I had to wonder if I was doing the right thing spending money like this.  We circled the tables covered with expensive personal explosives.  Working our way to the cheap stuff.  I loaded Boo's little hands with 4 packs of roses and 2 boxes of poppers, $8 worth.  She was beaming from ear to ear standing in line to pay between people holding hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise.  All around the tent kids were crying for their wants, parents threatening to buy nothing but still loading up.  It was miserable to see.  
It never occurred to Boo to want more, to plead or beg.  She was so happy with what little she had she didn't notice any of the bad around her.  I watched the way people smiled at her; her joy was contagious.  They loved her and her little handful of happiness, they sighed at the sweetness and shifted their loads to see her better.  It is too bad that they didn't realize it wasn't too late for them to unburden themselves to put back all the extras and 'just anothers' they didn't need.
Mindless consumerism is a threat to feeling real joy, especial in children.  
It is like pollution.
Live simple, live better, and don't pollute.   

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