Sunday, July 29, 2012

when 'by myself' hits a doubt phase, the power of art

My Boo is a very capable child, no one would argue that.  Well, almost no one.  I am finding she is increasingly doubting whether or not she is capable of making good choices.  Not about big things such as cheating or lying but about little things which really shouldn't matter.
Things like "should the hula hoops be placed biggest to smallest or smallest to biggest?" and "should I shower or take a bath?" or "which green crayon should I use for the trees?" I have been answering "It is your choice, doesn't matter to me." and this erupts into big sighs and long drawn out going nowhere comments like, "just tell me cause I don't know what is best."  This behavior is a road sign that it time for her to get messy and make some mistakes; she is ready to take more control. 
Wonderful!!!  This is where Art Journal comes in. 
"I" Page in progress

I feel giving her a free form space to journal her day & studies will start to help her manage those pesky small decisions.  In the end she will be able to see that all those 'hits, runs, and errors' or 'masterpieces & scribbles' add up to something beautiful.
The SMASH Book (totally love these things!!!). 
What can't you teach using them?!?!  We have already held sidebars on the main styles/schools of art, use of color, types of lines, symbolic representation of emotion and movement, thinking outside the box... 
Before we started we spent some time looking at a lot of different styles of art an books. We even drug out the one I made in Jr. High, what a hoot!!! 

The Pool Page
The first few pages we worked together but she is already gaining confidence enough to create on her own and that for us is the whole point :)

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  1. We LOVE art journals! Emma isn't so crazy about working in one of her own, so she has free access to mine. She knows not to create/add anything to pages already in progress, but she really enjoys making her own pages or asking to add things to mine.

    I guess I haven't talked with Emma about it, but for me, it's the process of creating, not the necessarily the outcome that I love about it.

    If you need more resources, let me know!