Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I have spent a few hours each day over the couple of weeks reviewing past studies, gathering materials, and setting the educational goals for Boo's.  We plan on starting school this year right in time with the schooled kids at the end of August and I want us to be ready. 
One of the things I unearthed in my digging were cards made from preschool art. 
We used a few for our friends and then decided the rest we would turn into bookmarks. 
I cut the paper into strips, punching a hole at one end,
then let Boo stamp & color them any way she wished.
She has already set aside some to give to her best buddies. 
And I will take a few to use as reading punch cards.  She will get a stamp for each 30 minute block of independent reading.  When she reaches 3 hr she can turn it in for a small reading related reward.    

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