Thursday, February 16, 2012

writing: Boo's Zoo

This is a writing project we have been working on for awhile (found over here at hiking without happy meals).  The idea comes from a curriculum written to enhance & challenge by offering projects encompassing multiple areas of learning at the same time.  The basic idea for this particular project was to create a zoo and include all the information about running it using stories (fiction & nonfiction), pictures, & reports.  Had we chosen to stay in the realm of reality it would have included 'real' zoology & geography, we had both only most of it was pretty far out there.  
We had all sorts of fun making up stories and newspaper articles about the various creatures in Boo's Zoo.  At times it is a creative writing project, then a grammar lesson, or a rhyming skill builder, zoology exploration, and a way to examine different writing genres.  But now it is time to move on so this week we finally picked the story we wanted to use for the finished hard bound book.  I am sure you will notice Boo's inspiration of Dr. Seuss's If I Ran the Zoo and If I Ran the Circus in her final product.

Welcome to Boo’s Zoo.  Boy do we have a story for you. 
It is full of fun and fright. 
It may keep you up all night! 
It is about how all these animals came to be in this zoo run by me.
This is Guy, he bites. 
I found him in a nest on a cliff of great heights.
This is Thing for the Jungles of Zoom. 
He is cute and funny and looks like a broom.
This is Yim he came from the Forest of Grim. 
To catch him we had to bait a trap that would snap. 
We had to hang slug mush in a tree. 
And sit and wait on a big bumble bee. 
Why on a bee you ask, because the Bee was up to the task.
Zap Stacker was the hardest of all.  See you can’t touch him or you will fall! 
Zap can zap you, so what to do?  Catch him with a big humper-smith. 
If you don’t know what humper-smith is, you can’t come with.
Dot and Weedle go together.  We hunted them down on a long boring day in the ocean of Keather.  The weather was windy, the water was swirling but Boo was brave.  She jumped overboard to get Dot and Weedle, the day was saved!
Last but not least the Zoo Keeper’s Favorite, Frog-La.  Found in the swamps of Ringdingdilly-la.  When Boo saw Frog-La and Frog-La saw Boo they both just knew.  The crew knew it too. It would be a while with love so true.

Next time you are around come on in to Boo’s Zoo. 
We will be expecting you.  

Our next project will be creating a one year biosphere: survival supplies, building designs, agriculture/botany, technology, & of course the big question what or who would you bring along? 

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