Friday, March 28, 2014

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Let's see... spirals and games
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History way back when and history these days 
The hunt for the perfect gingersnap cookie and spring flowers. 
A trip to the vet for Jack cat
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 Horse + Art.
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[air awareness drills: 1 part skill work, 2 parts conditioning]

Sunday, March 23, 2014

steps 3 and 4 State Meet 2014 with meet results

With set-up and 2 sessions (day one of competitions) behind us it was time for our level 6's to bring out their superpowers.
Did I mention their session#3  started very early on a Saturday morning?
For the 6's this is the last meet of the season, they don't go on to Regions. I think that made it a more emotional to watch. As I sent her to off to gymnast check-in I had a moment to look around. There were a lot of feelings mixing about in my heart. Even a small amount of doubt: what is all this for? But when you see your kid doing what they love, what couldn't live without, surrounded by people who love and care for them on every level, that question answers itself.   
Last minute taping of the knee and the National Anthem. 
Time to play ball...
The level 8's happily scoring the 6's session for me. 
I have good people.
BUT wait! Boo's papa and her grandma sure look happy- wonder why? How about Boo getting some person season bests on vault, beam, and floor?! That is a reason to smile!!! Another reason to smile: despite the early start my very busy cousin Heather took the time to come see Boo compete! Thank you so much for coming! What a wonderful surprise.
Now it gets a touch technical. Let me explains this if I can.  Boo's scores are on the final row running across. Scores on the score sheet circled (thank you level 8's! love you guys!) are the scores that counted towards the team score. Only the top 3 on each event are used. Notice all of Boo's scores are circled. The scores on the line above Boo's are her best buddy Sophie, competing in an older age division, they tied their All Around! Look at all of those scores, the whole team rocked! Great meet ladies of level 6.
This is one of our level 7's on the sidelines getting ready for the next session & checking the score sheet for the 6's. If you are counting that would be session 4 about to start! With session 5 yet to come, but first awards for the 6's.
Vault 9.15 (2nd)
Bars 8.85 (4th) 
FYI Boo went big and didn't cast over! 
She had a big step in her landing but it was beautiful routine.
Beam 9.425 (2nd) 
Floor 9.425 (4th)
All Around 36.85 2nd Place in State 2014
Perfect end to the season <3
Team 3rd Place in State 2014. So proud of our team!!!! 

Celebration, congratulations, and a gift from Papa- a sheet of the professional photos of beam. Which Boo loved so much she kissed the page.
Followed by decompression, contentment, fingernail polish (the girls are encouraged to not paint their nails during season), and a superhero cape. All on the sidelines for sessions 4 and 5. (almost done)

Levels 6, some 7's and 8's watching the final session of 7's competing (session 5!!) with their coach sneaking over for a little group check-in and some meet footage viewing.

After session 5 awards got underway the clean clean-up/take down (final step in hosting a meet) began...
Superpowers running low, lol. 
It helps if you mount the vault from the right side.
Super Boo
Fantastic meet GTC. Lot of praises form the fans and the other gyms. All our girls did so well. We had a ton of girls qualify for Regionals and a one of our 7's an alternate to the State team. NO falls on beam for any of our girls. 24 kids sticking it on beam! That is amazing. Under our fantastic coaches our kids are growing leaps and bounds. Great season coaches, we love you guys!
Last parting piece of info from the gym world: scrubbing bubbles, cans & cans of it, and A LOT of mom power behind a mop, are how one removes all the chalk from gym mats.
Boo with coach Lindsey cleaning up on bars :)

And finish!