Friday, March 21, 2014

mat moving, step one to State Meet 2014

 At the end of practice last night team did their usual moving of the mats although they don't normal move them outside to be loaded into a trailer and hauled across the valley. 
 This was the start of making a state meet.  Right after dropping this mat (if you look you can Boo is a bit cross with this whole scene) Boo announced she was returning to the bars to finish her work out after all there was still 3 minutes left of gym
 Boo is worried about her bars, about that casting over issue. If she can keep that handstand under control she has a shot at pulling off a spectacular routine (even with a cast over her bars are beautiful!). A lot of girls would kill for a cast over because they don't yet have a cast to handstand (defiantly a benchmark skill). If she doesn't take the chance she will never know.  Oh go big little Boo!   
 Not too much past gym pick up time, after the gymnasts had all been fed and tucked into their beds the parent, family members, coaches, & staff met at the venue for a late night set up session.

 The 2 never endings: never ending semi truck and never ending water weights for the bars.

 Super Hero themed meet :)
Boo's and Sophie's papas hard at work.
 We will spend most of today helping with the first couple of sessions. Boo doesn't compete until tomorrow.  We will be sure to let you know.  
 Boo's Papa~

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