Wednesday, March 19, 2014

working on eye-ability

 Working on eye-ability isn't always easy to do. Recent changes in Boo's vision however have pushed the issue to the forefront of my attention. Luckily eye-ability work is usually fun. It also require the 2 of us to sit down together and focus on what we are doing and nothing else >peaceful time<. We read smaller print books with busy art, do crosswords, put together puzzles, read (& bake) recipes, and do lots of art that requires attention to details.

Right now she doesn't need to be patched to encourage her bad eye to help out. That is the change in her vision we are dealing with. For some reason her bad eye is sending in information (which is unusual, it is more common for the weak eye to be shut down) at about the same rate her good eye is. It means that what Boo needs is to be able to untangle the 2 different images sent to her brain. She must learn to make the double picture make sense for her. 

 One of our favorite activities is looking through magazines for different items/textures to cut out and use to make city skylines. The searching and the cutting both help her to focus on the smaller details she has a hard time seeing and making sense of. 


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