Wednesday, March 5, 2014

true loves

Yesterday during the rain I treated Boo and her big sister to a matinee showing of Frozen.  We are neither big movie watching people or huge Disney fans and I especially hate talking snowmen.   But Boo really, really wanted to see this particular film.  It was important to her...  
On the 11 hour drive home from Santa Clara I had a lot of time to think about our lives.  One thought that seemed to reoccur was 'we could/should do that'.  And what is THAT?  Well, it can be summed up as life.  
I have a bad habit of hiding out whenever I can.  I love people, my friends, my family, and yet I would be happy living alone in the desert or at the end of any long dirt road.  Life wore me down a long time ago. To backup the weight of this issue, my New Years resolution word for word: to quit hiding out. 
Boo is a 10 year old child.  She spends 20 hours a week working out in the gym.  Mostly I think I am doing a great job raising her.  What I came to see was she is ready for a little more access to the world beyond my comfort zone.  She is growing up which means I have to too.

I said yes to the movie and invited her sister, my treat.  We smuggled in home popped popcorn and water bottles.  If you haven't seen Frozen *spoiler alert* the act of true love needed to save the day does not occur between a guy and girl but between sisters.  
Speaking of love; Boo's sister recently (& bravely) ended her 8 year relationship with her high school sweet heart.  She is moving forward with her life.  Those who have the privilege to know my Alex you may not believe it possible but these days she is twice as bubbly as before! It is like a huge weight has been lifted off her shoulders.  I have to say this- she reminds me of a sparkly bunny rabbit.  She is so stinking cute, highly educated, well employed, funny, about to turn 24, & single.  

There in the middle of the day in a movie theater my two adorable daughters, who hardly ever see each other (14 years age gap) watched together a movie about the power of love between sisters.

After the movie the rain had parted.  We stood in the parking lot between our cars planning the birth of a matinee movie club.


  1. What a wonderful treat, and yes, Frozen is the perfect sister movie :0)