Thursday, November 22, 2012

State Meet 2012

So there is Boo 3rd in line GTC.
And there she is poor thing, first on the first event: Beam.  We are pretty sure she has never had the pleasure (pressure) of going first before but she did great.
Fish series
Dismount!!! I love this picture look at her coach leaning into the twist with Boo.
Floor warm up beside her best buddy (Best Buddy on the left Boo on the right).
Straddle Jump on floor
Dive Roll 
Rumor has it the dive roll is being taken out of the routines as of 2013 because as you can see it is dangerous.  This season one of Boo's own teammates (trained ninja the Wild One) broke her arm in a dive roll in practice.
Front Hand Spring rebound 
Low Bar Cast
High Bar Cast
The Team took a might 2nd by 2 t's of a point!!! 
Boo took 2nd in the All Around and her Best Buddy took 1st!
[There was vaulting it was too hard to take pic's off]
Hotel Bed Dive Rolls & Leaps
Perfect 10's!!!

Most of these photos were taken by Jason Grow, thanks Jason!
Thanks to all my good friends & family who are so supportive of Little Boo.  It means a lot to her when someone takes the time to 'like' a pic or make comments to her, she reads and enjoys every last one!


  1. DIVE ROLL - just want you to know, and I know this is very difficult to believe - given my advanced age and increased girth - but, I got a whiplash when I was about 14 years old and in gymnastics from doing a dive roll. My neck has never been the same since!! It is a dangerous thing!! I do have to say though, mine never looked like Beach's!! :)

    1. Boo says she believes you can still do them!!! Look out she might ask you to the next time you see her.

    2. I seriously doubt I can do a dive roll - I tried to show Chelsea a cartwheel a couple of months ago - It was pretty humorous. I have to think about it for about five minutes and I look like a three year old. Just doesn't go very well.