Tuesday, November 13, 2012

up and over

This is 4 yr old Boo...
and this is 9 yr old Boo.
On Friday night her and her teammates will be competing in the Level 5 State Meet in Ogden Utah.  They are going in undefeated and will compete against a another team who is also undefeated.  State will decide who gets to keep that title.
They have all worked hard to get here and we wish each one of them pulls off a meet of a little life time.
State, for all its hype is nothing more than another meet, the last in-state meet of the season.
I don't know how Boo will do.  
(In the gym she is looking amazing!!!) 
What I do know is how far she has come.
From that scared half blind 4 yr old nervous to be sitting in a tree...
to this young lady.
This kid can almost fly!
Friday not will not be about scores or medals it will be about Ability beating Disability.
State Level 3
State Meet Level 4

Last meet before State Level 5 
Good Luck GTC


  1. good luck Boo:) Hope all goes well and that she has fun, which is the most important thing!

  2. How exciting! My daughter is in gymnastics, too. Next year should be her first competition year and she's already excited.

    Good luck at state!