Friday, November 9, 2012

reading now: The Woman In Black

When I came across this book in the library I got it for myself.  Three chapters in I realized I had seen this somewhere 1989 there was a TV adaption of this book!
The writing was too good to stop besides I didn't see the whole thing and it was a long time ago.
Now, I read a lot because I love to but I am also aware of the example it sets for child.  Last night when I was reading wanting to encourage Boo to read to herself I didn't offer to read to her I simply keep on reading my book.  After awhile she asked me to read her a sentence so I did.  A while later she requested another and with that she gathered some of the plot and setting.  Seeming genuinely interested I read her a few pages giving her more background when needed.
It is safe to say WE are now reading this classic chilling tale together!  And when I went looking for a cover pic to use I found the 2012 Movie with none other than Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter!). We might have a scary movie to watch together too.

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