Friday, August 30, 2013

24th Timpanogos Storytelling Festival, day one

Boo's uncle send us a mixed 'hey I missed all your birthdays and might forget Christmas gift' a weekend family pass to the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival!  We love you Uncle Rob.
Tonight was our first of two trips, we went for Bedtime Stories.
Tomorrow night we have tickets for one of the big Laugh n' Nights but it looks like we are going down as soon as Boo gets out of gym so we can see a few extra shows and hear some music.
 We parked at the mouth of the canyon and hiked in a mile to the park hosting the event.  We could have parked and taken a shuttle bus but I was worried about the little claustrophobic.  
 Amazing views on the Provo River

 Always the collector, wait is that a tooth?!?! 

 Sitting on mom's lap for a better view.
 We packed in our own water, popcorn, and farm stand peas :)  
She looks like she is loving it, right?!
Amazing talent! We loved every second of it.
 And free Crispy Cream Donuts for kids.
Can't wait until tomorrow!!! The only issue is Boo's heels, despite using her heel cups and wearing good shoes by the time we got home she was in so much pain she could barely walk.  Might have to find a different way in tomorrow.

...may I have just a minute of your time?

The sunlight falling in through the back window of the gym glints off her glasses like a beacon.  It is the biggest lie I have ever told her and it constantly is glaring me in the face.  “No glare lenses 39 dollars extra, hmmm“ >count money in hand<, “yeah, we don’t need those, it doesn’t matter, no one will ever notice.”
Of course I don’t need the extra landmark to spot her in the group of gymnasts gathering 10 minutes to workout.  Of the girls gathered Beach is three sizes smaller- it looks ridiculous, at least to her mother it does.  Eventually she won’t look so out of place, eventually a few, 3 to be exact nearly as small as Beach will join her- but funny gym factoid only her mother would bother to note: she is the smallest, but not the youngest, optional gymnast at our gym.
...And at our gym we have reach the point where we will need to start fundraising for her.  We could have already started but I am worried about failing and losing the dream that others see the value in what she is accomplishing and want to be a part it too.  That others will be able to open their hearts and be willing to help her on her unique journey.

I am afraid to test my network based on past shows of support for Beach. It might surprise you to know that 98% of her meets I am the only one (outside of other gymmates & their families) there to see her.  Don’t get me wrong we have amazing friends and family who are rightfully busy with their own kids, own struggles, and lives.  We are all busy.  I wonder if part of it is simply it is believed she doesn't require support because she is so capable and self driven- and I am here to say it isn’t true, she would love to know you care.  And there are so many ways to show it!!! In fact, I can't even begin to thank some of the adults in her life for all the love, support, and generosities they have shown her, most of all her coaches.
I have really tried to be supportive of the kids in village because I believe they are what matters most.  I am hoping the universe and the village is as kind to mine.

If you have ideas or past experiences with fundraising or would like to help us in anyway please share, we would love to hear from you!

“To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thank you for your time~

little hip library bug

"Mom!" She whispers loudly across the bookshelf.  "Look they have the second book to Fablehaven. Can we get it?"

"Mom, a new book by David Shannon."

"Mom, a book on TB!  Ooohhh, Blues Clues!"

Now the moms lingering about the children's section of the library with their small children are watching her. "How old is your little girl?"

"Nine about to turn ten."

" must start next week?"

Boo peeks over the bookshelf, "I'm homeschooled we never stop learning."
This answer stops all of us, mostly me.  Up until this point I have had to answer that question for her.  No amount of coaxing from me could get her to respond to these types of inquiry.  "I'm shy," she would tell me and I would laugh and tell her she doesn't understand what why shy means...

"Can I ask you a question," one of the mom asks walking towards me and my overflowing pile of books. "Why are homeschooling her?"
I don't think a stranger has ever asked me this before.  "Well, she tried school but didn't like it and for us homeschooling was always a valid choice."
"How come?"
"How come homeschool?"
"Yes, how did you know you could do it.  It seems so hard.  I want to but I don't think I can."  She stole a glance at her young daughter playing on the library rug among her pile of overflowing books.
And then I understood.  "You already are doing it," I told her.  "A library is a wonderful place to start."
"Do you think so?"
"It is where we started."
 AND in fact just under ten years ago Boo's Papa and I took Boo on her very first little walk.  She was one week old and the order for me to stay in bed had just been lifted by my doctor. A nice October day we left the house strolled up through the streets of Sugar House to the little library in the heart of the district....babies first walk was to this very library :)

It is where we started.


Thursday, August 29, 2013

another day of

 Math and Utah Studies
Spelling and Reading
Then off to the park to play

You can imagine how unhappy the mom's of the preschoolers at the playground were when they saw this going on- improper use of swings.

Science and Motion

Boo & Mom
 Time to head home for lunch and more reading :) then off to GYM! 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

reading now: Fablehaven Rise of The Evening Star

fun with Wordles!

spelling, reading, and writing- more fun with the poetry word grab

 We each drew 5 words from the basket at random and the poetry competition was on! Out of three rounds Boo had the ultimate winning poem.
 The Winner:
Make each better than all the rest
Color them
What will your mind think of next? 
On a side note: If you are wondering about the way she writes her double L's in 'all' & 'will', it isn't that she forgot and had to write the second L in after it is how she writes them so she can see them.  L's, T's and I's are so tricky for her eyes especial when they are next to each other.  Just yesterday she was copying the word 'milk' if you look at it you can understand how she wrote 'miillk'.  Eventually the stacked double L's will fall out of use as the period (verses using a space) between each word did, but for now they stay.
And the 2 Runner-Ups, by her mother

shall we walk away

At about the river's snarled banks I lost her attention altogether.  
She was gone, slipped into the comfortable realms of her imagination. 
A passing rain storm and an umbrella.
A pair of boots.
It must work somewhat like the cloak of a blanket fort precariously constructed under the kitchen table. In an instant the river trail was replaced by a big jungle adventure.
She shamelessly narrated her whole journey, battles and all, including a passing encounter with small pox (today's history reading) and poison ivy. There were large man eating snakes, Spanish Explorers, raging rivers, and quick sand, lots and lots of quick sand.
Walking somewhere between Great World Explorer and Christopher Robin....
When we got home we put away the umbrellas and the boots.  
Sat down with a box of crayons & a sheet of white paper to lay plans for her pending tenth birthday.
 Childhood is sweet.