Friday, August 30, 2013

little hip library bug

"Mom!" She whispers loudly across the bookshelf.  "Look they have the second book to Fablehaven. Can we get it?"

"Mom, a new book by David Shannon."

"Mom, a book on TB!  Ooohhh, Blues Clues!"

Now the moms lingering about the children's section of the library with their small children are watching her. "How old is your little girl?"

"Nine about to turn ten."

" must start next week?"

Boo peeks over the bookshelf, "I'm homeschooled we never stop learning."
This answer stops all of us, mostly me.  Up until this point I have had to answer that question for her.  No amount of coaxing from me could get her to respond to these types of inquiry.  "I'm shy," she would tell me and I would laugh and tell her she doesn't understand what why shy means...

"Can I ask you a question," one of the mom asks walking towards me and my overflowing pile of books. "Why are homeschooling her?"
I don't think a stranger has ever asked me this before.  "Well, she tried school but didn't like it and for us homeschooling was always a valid choice."
"How come?"
"How come homeschool?"
"Yes, how did you know you could do it.  It seems so hard.  I want to but I don't think I can."  She stole a glance at her young daughter playing on the library rug among her pile of overflowing books.
And then I understood.  "You already are doing it," I told her.  "A library is a wonderful place to start."
"Do you think so?"
"It is where we started."
 AND in fact just under ten years ago Boo's Papa and I took Boo on her very first little walk.  She was one week old and the order for me to stay in bed had just been lifted by my doctor. A nice October day we left the house strolled up through the streets of Sugar House to the little library in the heart of the district....babies first walk was to this very library :)

It is where we started.


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