Thursday, August 1, 2013

the lake

 Yesterday not being a gym day we took off for a 2-Family Day-trip to the Lake.  
One of the things Boo's Papa wanted to do was go see some nature clay deposits Boo had found the last time we were up there.  We found them in a little cove with a very steep beach!
 Pretty cool stuff!

 The amount of clay in the sand made for some tricky and slipper 
and sinky walking about.
I realized while sorting these pics how much I was drawn to any photo of my child in her lifevest.  I  absolutely adore her in it.  It took me awhile to see why that was: she looks just like I did at her age stomping around in my lifevest at Lake Powell with my family.  *Except she fixes her hair I was little less aware of things like that.
 Back at the beach with friends :)

We love day tripping <3! 

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