Wednesday, August 28, 2013

shall we walk away

At about the river's snarled banks I lost her attention altogether.  
She was gone, slipped into the comfortable realms of her imagination. 
A passing rain storm and an umbrella.
A pair of boots.
It must work somewhat like the cloak of a blanket fort precariously constructed under the kitchen table. In an instant the river trail was replaced by a big jungle adventure.
She shamelessly narrated her whole journey, battles and all, including a passing encounter with small pox (today's history reading) and poison ivy. There were large man eating snakes, Spanish Explorers, raging rivers, and quick sand, lots and lots of quick sand.
Walking somewhere between Great World Explorer and Christopher Robin....
When we got home we put away the umbrellas and the boots.  
Sat down with a box of crayons & a sheet of white paper to lay plans for her pending tenth birthday.
 Childhood is sweet.