Monday, August 26, 2013

why we missed dinner (and bedtime!)

 Boo had another routine practice today following her regular 4 hour practice.
 I love watching the coaches work with her.  I hope the low quality of the photos aren't too distracting, even though she was the only gymnasts working out I still didn't want to use my flash just in case.
 We keep getting told she is learning the dance quicker than expected which is a very good thing!  We were a bit worried she would need more time but it looks like she has it after only 2 practices.
 The music her and her coach picked out is FAST!  It's because Boo is fast, always ahead of the music.  I can't count the number of times I have heard a coach tell her to slow down.  Unfortunately for Rick, her coach/choreographer on her routine, at one point she managed to even over pace this music!!!
 But he did get her slow it down, convinced her to breath before her tumbling and leap passes.

 Rick and Boo
 And again that is one happy, tired little giant!
Thanks Rick <3 

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