Wednesday, August 28, 2013

spelling, reading, and writing- more fun with the poetry word grab

 We each drew 5 words from the basket at random and the poetry competition was on! Out of three rounds Boo had the ultimate winning poem.
 The Winner:
Make each better than all the rest
Color them
What will your mind think of next? 
On a side note: If you are wondering about the way she writes her double L's in 'all' & 'will', it isn't that she forgot and had to write the second L in after it is how she writes them so she can see them.  L's, T's and I's are so tricky for her eyes especial when they are next to each other.  Just yesterday she was copying the word 'milk' if you look at it you can understand how she wrote 'miillk'.  Eventually the stacked double L's will fall out of use as the period (verses using a space) between each word did, but for now they stay.
And the 2 Runner-Ups, by her mother

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