Friday, August 23, 2013

calling an early end to the 'work' week

Boo woke up stuffed up.  She had spent the afternoon at a horse stable with a friend so I am hoping it was an allergy and not a cold.  If she is sick it is bad timing! We are waiting to find out if Boo's Choreographer is meeting with her on Saturday which will add about 2.5 hrs to her already 4 hour wok out day.  Being sick might not make that as fun as it already doesn't sound!  But she is so excited about getting her floor routine she can barely sleep.
This past week Boo's big brother started highschool and her big sister started her senior year in college.  But guess who is starting school next week? Boo's mom!!! The community paper I write for has offered to pay for me to take a journalism/writing class at the University of Utah.  It has been a few years since I was in college...
 So I thought, looking ahead at all we have going on and her sniffles, that we should start weekending a day early...
 Let's break out the paints :)
Leaf Prints
We have some thank you cards we need to send and leaf printed paper is just so perfect for the job!
Flower Power

 Welcome to the weekend!

 (now if I could only find her glasses before gym!)

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