Thursday, August 15, 2013


We have had a rough week but a an old friend of mine came through with some amazing discount tickets to our local amusement park so amusement park we went!!! 
We were joined by my best friend since childhood and her two kids.  
The perfect group to go with.
It was supposed to be hot but it was an extremely mild all day.
 And we could not believe how small the lines were if there were even lines!!! 
Holy best day to go ever.
 Zander and Boo, best buddies from birth.
 Now part of our not so great week was Boo's mom not listening to her own good advice... I strained some important muscles in my hip and instead of taking a break I kept running until I tore something.  BUT here I am on the big old white roller coaster with Boo- don't tell her Papa, I promised to stay off the rides :)
Rides, rides, and more rides!

Well isn't that an interesting idea rowdy kids in the lockup! 
 These kids are such hams.
Notice Boo isn't inside the cell like Lauren is- Boo is very claustrophobic!!!!
[See Boo in a bubble.] 
 Ice Cream break in Pioneer Village.
And while you are in the Wild West...
You have to have these taken:

 How a ninja waits in line for the rafting ride.
 This is what your best friend looks like when you force her on a ride that says: YOU WILL GET WET.
 And what the kids look like :)

 Trust me, we are wet!!!
 A game or two
 The Wild Mouse- no way!
 More wetnesses. 
 I think she is having fun.
 Despite my hurt hip mom is obviously on the ride with them here too :)

 Those kids, lol

Thanks T & my old friend C for the BEST Lagoon Day EVER!!! 

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