Tuesday, April 30, 2013

western expansion part two: Native Peoples

 Native Peoples and the migration west

The Iron Horse and deforestation of the American West
by Boo

Friday, April 26, 2013

free range PE

 Stopping to smell the flowers.

 While at the park we encountered a group of men flying model planes.  If you look close you can see one in this pic.  Boo climb the goal post to get a better view.  There were five or six planes all different types flying at once.  They never said anything to us nor us to them but they went out of their way to put on a flying show for her.  And when we left the park they buzzed us all the way across the field.  It was incredible. 

reading now: Scat by Carl Hiaasen

Thursday, April 25, 2013

box city exhibit

One of Boo's best friends from gym had an art showing at the Main Library we decided to tag along.  

Turns out Box City was a multi school project with incredibly impressive work!!

Love the details.

Great turn out too.  The place was packed! 

 Boo's buddy's high rise with working elevator! 

 Simply amazing stuff <3 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

moving right along Western Expansion part one

 Western expansion time line.

 Finally we made it to West Ward Ho!!!!
Using our past readings in the Little House series and our current book Caddie Woodlawn as a jumping off point we reentered US history in the 1860's.  First things first however Boo complained she didn't understand time. So we created four sets of time lines to help her with the progression of dates.  It's not something I would have ever worried about (memorizing dates) but she seemed to need to understand the dates we read in passing.  Creating different time lines was a blast. I am glad she requested it.

Link to Laura's Little Houses time line

A big part of expansion of course is transportation.  Last year we took a trip to Promontory Point the site of the golden spike and the meeting of the transcontinental railroads.  Also our family spends a good deal of time crisscrossing the Utah and Nevada sections of the pony express trail. And the overland routes especial the Mormon Trail, Oregon Trail, and Hastings Cutoff are also well known to us through travel and reading.  I decided to focus on the canal systems.  We watched a few youtube clips on canal building, history, songs, and even modern day life living on a narrow boat- good stuff!

Link to a short on The Erie Canal

Despite the mules or horses pulling boats up and down, the fancy locks and such, when it came time to draw something Boo picked a canal gate for irrigation.  She wasn't as impressed with the transportation aspects of it. 

(Love this series of books!!!  They making hitting the key points so easy.)

 What would you pack in your wagon?

Now, I think we will head off to the The Pioneer Memorial Museum for a look around...

spelling fun -ight words

 Boo's very own self directed -ight word spelling reel.

What a great idea!!!!  


A few days back Boo was given a two dollar bill but she wasn't convinced it was real.  Even her papa thought it looked strange enough he was willing to run it to the bank! I was laughing because I thought the bank teller would just think we had never seen a two dollar bill before.
Boo decided to use one of the two dollar bills from the Tooth Fairy to see if she could sort it out.

And you know what? We think she found some true differences between the two.  
So to the bank it will go.  It may just be the difference between the issuing age of the bills, one is very old and the other new but it is worth looking into.  

Monday, April 22, 2013


Once again time for a Crown Burger Birthday.  
You have to love it when one of Mr. & Mrs. K's kids has a party!!!
They shut down their world famous burger joint for a private Greek Family Style party.
 All sort of mischief afoot! 
 And magic!!!!
We love Paul Brewer <3 !
 and so do the kids.

Birthday Boy Extraordinaire 

~A hug and a balloon flower for mom~
 Pass the magic bunny
 Balloon mania
 Birthday Boy's big little ninja sister
 Boo wasn't feeling all that well at the party with a headache, stuffed ears, and painful ringing.  On the drive out I made a call for a kid's decongestant delivery to the party (I have such good friends!) 
 This little ninja wants a bunny!!!
And this little ninja wants a bird...
Happy 4th Birthday Little Prince and a thank you for sharing your day with us!