Monday, April 22, 2013


Once again time for a Crown Burger Birthday.  
You have to love it when one of Mr. & Mrs. K's kids has a party!!!
They shut down their world famous burger joint for a private Greek Family Style party.
 All sort of mischief afoot! 
 And magic!!!!
We love Paul Brewer <3 !
 and so do the kids.

Birthday Boy Extraordinaire 

~A hug and a balloon flower for mom~
 Pass the magic bunny
 Balloon mania
 Birthday Boy's big little ninja sister
 Boo wasn't feeling all that well at the party with a headache, stuffed ears, and painful ringing.  On the drive out I made a call for a kid's decongestant delivery to the party (I have such good friends!) 
 This little ninja wants a bunny!!!
And this little ninja wants a bird...
Happy 4th Birthday Little Prince and a thank you for sharing your day with us!

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