Sunday, April 7, 2013


The print has always been here, at least as far as Boo is concerned.  A Japanese silk of cherry blossoms.  Behind the silvery branches there is a moon or a sun (depending on your mood), typical and traditional; BC's family acquired it while living in Japan. 

Today working on spring cleaning I pulled it down from its spot on a shelf.  Boo knelt down to dust it & suddenly laughed, "I never knew what this was a picture of I thought it was a ghost or something. I didn't know there were flowers in it." 

Her life has always been shrouded. Details we take for granted she wouldn't even know to miss.  Last year she requested to not be told about things outside the car window because it just made her feel bad she couldn't ever see it.  In the desert herds bounding through the sage go by in awkward front seat silence.   It used to be rare when something would 'help' us to realize how limited her vision truly is. These days it is unavoidable. This is really happening to her.  Whatever it is that turns blooms into ghosts is tightening its grip.

"Boo, leave the dusting, it can wait. There is something outback in the garden I want to show you..."    

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