Tuesday, April 23, 2013

moving right along Western Expansion part one

 Western expansion time line.

 Finally we made it to West Ward Ho!!!!
Using our past readings in the Little House series and our current book Caddie Woodlawn as a jumping off point we reentered US history in the 1860's.  First things first however Boo complained she didn't understand time. So we created four sets of time lines to help her with the progression of dates.  It's not something I would have ever worried about (memorizing dates) but she seemed to need to understand the dates we read in passing.  Creating different time lines was a blast. I am glad she requested it.

Link to Laura's Little Houses time line

A big part of expansion of course is transportation.  Last year we took a trip to Promontory Point the site of the golden spike and the meeting of the transcontinental railroads.  Also our family spends a good deal of time crisscrossing the Utah and Nevada sections of the pony express trail. And the overland routes especial the Mormon Trail, Oregon Trail, and Hastings Cutoff are also well known to us through travel and reading.  I decided to focus on the canal systems.  We watched a few youtube clips on canal building, history, songs, and even modern day life living on a narrow boat- good stuff!

Link to a short on The Erie Canal

Despite the mules or horses pulling boats up and down, the fancy locks and such, when it came time to draw something Boo picked a canal gate for irrigation.  She wasn't as impressed with the transportation aspects of it. 

(Love this series of books!!!  They making hitting the key points so easy.)

 What would you pack in your wagon?

Now, I think we will head off to the The Pioneer Memorial Museum for a look around...

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