Tuesday, September 16, 2014

math on Monday

 Math is one of our favorite subjects. What's not to love when everything is that needs to be learned can be "taught" through play?!
 We use Mathapedia as our math theory guide.
Monday's math was circles and Pi.
Boo didn't put up too much of a fight over a magic number. She was having so much fun with circle art she only asked me to prove it a few times. What a relief! Still, we will seek out some math video clips today for follow-up.

 And I'd bet we make a few more of these too.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

from farm to stable to the State Fair

Morning farm chores. Feed, play, collect, and rescue a lost chick.
What a funny group! 
Turkey dinners, a feral cat, a rescue rabbit, and a lost chick.
Lost chick returned safely to mom out in the back field.
Then off for riding her favorite little horse.
 Followed by a trip to the State Fair....
for a little showing off for the marines.
 A lot of animal love and exploration.
  Spending time with friends. 
Now that is a gaggle of girls.

But this is what she came for: to fish!
Before she even cast she was a winner. She won a fishing pole in a drawing. She was so excited when they called out her name!
"I have never had my own fishing pole"
Then her great day got even better. 
She caught a fish.
 A little fish :)
 What a super day! 
 Thanks everybody who had a part in our fantastic day, 
especially Becky & Alan for the free passes-oh and the horse!