Thursday, September 4, 2014

news from gym

Last night after gym we had a GTC gym parents' meeting. Right before the meeting there was a little business to take care of. One of Boo's beloved coaches is expecting and yesterday was the day she found out what she was having! All the girls were asked to guess by wearing either a pink or blue leotard to practice. For those who either forgot or didn't have the right colors to wear there were pink girl and blue boy stickers too.

Boo is front and center wearing pink
Lovely coach L gave each girl a cupcake and inside one of them was the answer: pink or blue frosting. OH boy, I mean GIRL! When one of the girls found pink frosting the room erupted in cheers. Congratulations coach L. 

You can see Boo is not a frosting fan. Luckily one of her teammates stepped up and took it off her hands. After that big secret was out it was time for the next set of news. 

First, the optionals parents, well we got our meet schedule for the 2015 season. It was a bit of a shock. I had to ask one of the coaches if MN really did stand for Minnesota or was there another state near by I was unaware of. Nope, we are going to Minnesota.... in March :). Fleece leos? You bet ya. (Perhaps someone from Utah shouldn't make fun of another state's winter weather.)
Little fact: we have more out of state meets than in state. Season is going to be crazy. 

Then the grandest news came. GTC is moving. It's only about a mile from the current location but it is into a brand new custom building with every upgrade you could image and some I had no idea they had out there. Congratulations GTC and to all the GTC gymnasts and their families.

Overall it was a great meeting :) or in the words of big coach D, who likes to tease the girls when they do something magnificent >shrug< >smile< >smirk<, "It was okay." 

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