Tuesday, September 9, 2014

well, that was a day

Normally this is the kind of post that I would write in my other blog but some days you can't so simply separate your mom-homeschool life from your other life. It would probably be easiest to tell you what didn't go wrong rather than what did so I will just hit the highlights of wrongest while you look at these lovely pics of gym schooling.

How the whole day started was the blinkers on my car stopped working. Believe it or not I am a rule follower, or at least I am terrified of being pulled over. As soon as I realized the issue I flagged down Boo's papa (in our driveway) and asked for a lift to work. 

Call it bad timing but as we were loading all the items, or most of them as it turns out later, into papa's van a biblical rain storm let loose. We turned up at gym minus one leo, my reading glasses, my phone (could not care less), and my wallet. Yep, stranded from 9 AM to 7:30 PM and we were short a few necessary items. So while you are enjoying this pics please note Boo's new leo, which I had to bill to myself- awkward!

Pretty much you can fill in the middle hours with nobody died. 
In fact, most left smiling.

At 2 PM Boo and I took a small break. Seeking a cup of coffee for me and lemonade for Boo we headed to the convenience store across the street. Crossing with the light in the crosswalk a white SUV turning left nearly hit Boo. When I saw it turning with Boo out a few feet in front of me I jumped trying to grab her hoping to pull her out of the path of the car. I didn't quite get a hold of her. She turned to look at me over her shoulder because I had yelled her name. Had she been struck she would have been looking at me when it happened. She had no idea she was in so much danger. Totally sickening feeling. 

Luckily the driver (who didn't even bother to stop and should have!!!) slammed on her brakes and swerved away at the last second. 

It was so horrible how fast it happened. Boo never even saw the threat until the car squealed around her with its brakes locked-up.

And yet for all the mishaps today Boo is fine, school work good, front aerial improving, and the day is almost over. In fact minus the near miss with the bad driver the day was beautiful. It was exciting. And tomorrow there will be a whole new one waiting.

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