Wednesday, September 3, 2014

how we organize our school days with numbering stations

On school days at our house laid out on the kitchen table you will find piles of of books. Each pile a different subject that contains the books and supplies needed for that's day course work. 
At some point before we begin school Boo will happen by and number her stations in the order of how we will work through them. I have override power but seldom do I have to use it. She is pretty good at putting her work in a workable order.
The average school day we have 5 to 6 stations/subjects. Some days we don't clear the table and that is okay. In fact yesterday was one of those days. We didn't school on Monday so I put out 2 days worth of work and hoped for the best. In the mix was Jr Great Books Little Daughter of the Snow with an art project, history with a Nova special, and science with a 3D art project. We also had other reading, a new spelling list to learn, and math. That is a lot of work!    
And we may not have gotten through it all (sorry math!) but once again that is the beauty of home school. We can get to next time or fit it in at breakfast before the next school day.
 Hands down using numbered stations is our favorite and most productive way to organize our school days. Not only does it help us meet our daily goals it helps us meet our bigger long term goals. Currently we are on week 3 of school (we started the week before most of the states schools started) and we are on track to complete our first series (4-5 week plan) of educational goals. Feels mighty fine :)

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