Friday, September 12, 2014

just peachy

Oh poor Boo! For a few years she has had food sensitivities, foods like citrus fruits and nuts irritating her mouth.
Bad Mommy notes:
Dr. S: How long has this been going on?
Me: A long time.
Dr. S: A week?
Me: At least 2 years.

At first we thought she was allergic to toothpaste, then perhaps her dental work, then I worried it could be something nasty. Finally yesterday morning we popped into to see her doctor, something rarely done, to see what he thought. That was where we got the news: the foods she is eating is causing it.

You would think this was good news especially if you had spent the morning on WebMD totally freaking yourself out. Boo however cried the whole way home. Nuts, fruit, lemonade, all the things she loves. Poor kid. This most recent “outbreak” of itchy white blisters was set off by pistachios, lemonade, peaches, grapefruit, and sunny delight. Yep, that would be a pretty typical list for her. No kidding, right?! 
Furthermore, I really shouldn’t be too surprised: Boo’s big sister can’t eat pineapple or coconut for the same reasons. 
We also got some loaded information to go along with it- stress is known to increase the severity of symptoms. (oh-dear, really?) And he gave her hours of training at the gym the big old stink eye! Our sweet calm pediatrician actually cringed when she told him she worked out 20 hours a week! Good thing we didn't go see him over the summer while she trained 25 :)
We are currently hunting the worst offenders and ways to help ease the side effects of loving food that isn’t treating her so kindly.   

We actually have tons of options from better pairings of foods (acidic with a basic food) to simple mouth rinses, teas, and herbs. I think we have a new line of homeschooling work to follow: food chemistry. If anyone has been through anything similar we would love to hear your advice.

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