Sunday, September 14, 2014

from farm to stable to the State Fair

Morning farm chores. Feed, play, collect, and rescue a lost chick.
What a funny group! 
Turkey dinners, a feral cat, a rescue rabbit, and a lost chick.
Lost chick returned safely to mom out in the back field.
Then off for riding her favorite little horse.
 Followed by a trip to the State Fair....
for a little showing off for the marines.
 A lot of animal love and exploration.
  Spending time with friends. 
Now that is a gaggle of girls.

But this is what she came for: to fish!
Before she even cast she was a winner. She won a fishing pole in a drawing. She was so excited when they called out her name!
"I have never had my own fishing pole"
Then her great day got even better. 
She caught a fish.
 A little fish :)
 What a super day! 
 Thanks everybody who had a part in our fantastic day, 
especially Becky & Alan for the free passes-oh and the horse! 

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