Monday, September 8, 2014

gym school

As many of you may know I work part time at Boo's gym. But for the end of last week and all of this week I am covering full time hours so our fabulous office manager can have a well deserved vacation.
I don't have a nanny and all of Boo's friends are back in school so home school has become gym school for a week.  I'd say it is pretty much a grand experiment for us.  I had plans in the works to practice home schooling a few subjects from the newly built but not yet open Glendale Library later this fall. I think it is important Boo starts to experience focused study/learning in all sorts of settings. Be careful what you wish for, lol.  Keep your fingers crossed!  And I will keep you all posted on how it goes.


  1. Gym school - I love it.
    And if Boo gets lonely I can always send over my 7 year old gymnast to keep her company!