Saturday, September 13, 2014

*routine tme*

Oh-yeah! It is routine time again. The gym has a whole new energy. 

Boo was one of the girls placed in the first group getting routines. Not a completely new routine for Boo more of a tune up. But after revamping a teammates old routine the day before we were warned it might not go so smoothly. In fact a total redo was not off the table. It depended on whether or not Boo could make and keep straight the changes and not fall back into the old routine.

The gymnasts gets 2 clinics that are about 2 hour long. We don't want to post her whole routine (top secret, at least for now). But I did want to share the feeling of the work being done. These girls work so hard, they absolutely amaze me.

Turns out Boo was able to incorporate the changes rather well. I would say after day 1 about 65% of her old routine is still there. The changes 'grew-up' her routine without removing the playfulness. No big dramatic floor sprawls for Boo. It is smoother, less jumbled, still very fast at the end and has 3 new moves that everyone seems to adore!!! 
The choreographer is brilliant! 

As we go the girls getting new routines get to show them off to their teammates. So far Boo has shown twice. The whole gym stops to watch and cheer them on.  

The pic above is of Boo waiting before her session. She looks so little and scared! I believe she was more nervous than she would admit. The pic below was 2 hours later. She had about a 45 minute break before practice to decompress- why yes, that is exactly how I relax too...
Day 2 is all about polishing. If the boss (Boo) signs off I will post a link. I think 1 min 7 seconds is too big to post in Blogger. If Boo decides she wants to keep it under wraps then you may have to wait until season...first scheduled soft landing meet is in early December, season starts in mid January 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


  1. I love it.
    It is so different to gymnastics here.
    Emily (boo's biggest Swiss fan) says can you tell Boo that she really wants to see that floor routine.
    And please tell Boo that Emily's Mom did take some photos for a gym tour, but is lagging a bit with Blogging right now.
    I will try to do better.
    Go Boo!!

    1. Boo says I can post it for Emily as soon as it is "good enough".
      Thanks for all your cheer!