Tuesday, September 9, 2014

so far.....

Not bad at all- schooling from gym is way too easy.  
Packing a thermos of soup and a cooler with fresh fruit and vegetables for Boo to snack on was a big key to a great day. 
I was pretty busy the whole time but not slammed. The day shift is much calmer than the late afternoon/evening shift. The little preschool classes that run all morning are sweet and simple compared to the happy, wild energy of the gym when it is full. We are a very busy gym! 

While I worked, Boo worked: math, spelling, writing, and reading. Of course it is only work she can do independently but I'll take it. There is plenty of stuff to do. 
Boo also spent a good amount of time building miniature items out of air dry clay. My favorite right now are the ears of corn that she textured with a toothpick to make it look more realistic. Tiny cups with flower details and strawberries with miniature green stems. I'm not sure how she does it.  
She also learned to work a microwave, something we don't have at home.

Between subjects Boo would disappear into the nearly empty gym and come back ready to work. Perfect! 
An hour before her practice we handed the place over to my replacement and it the road. We took a well deserved walk, stopped by the toy store to browse, picked up a coffee for me and for Boo some baked chicken, yogurt, and fresh snap peas (Boo is always hungry!). Then back to the gym for practice.

And repeat a few more times. We got this. 

I was there to see Boo's very first giant out on set. Big coach D has been offering for her to go out on set since last week. He asked her if she wanted to take a half step using one grip and one strap her response "No thanks". 

That giant is the second to last skill she needs for a great level 7 season without them her bars would not have had a 10 start value- for various reasons not all gymnasts will enter season with 10 start values on all their events. Some gyms who have girls with missing skills have them scratch, not compete an event. Our gym only allows scratches for medial reasons, which is really nice. Not all things are equal. And each girl has her strengths and weaknesses. I love the message of support it sends to the girls. Bring your best and it will be celebrated. Love our team!!!  
The last skill Boo needs now is to plug her fly away into the end of the giant(s). 

You can tell she is nervous. She did another round (HERE) out on set after this, they are all a little slow, and a she is a bit out of form but absolutely beautiful to see her take it t

o the next level. All smiles from her and her big coach D. 

The other news from the mom bench is Boo gets her updated floor routine this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't not wait to see it. She has 2 scheduled sessions with the choreographer, the first is on Friday morning. 

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