Friday, May 24, 2013

photography 101

 I found this digital camera with XL memory card at the local flea market and talked the guy down to get it for a great deal then I handled it over to Boo.  
She has wanted her own camera for a long time and what better way to help her see the world around her then through the lens?! 
 I need to pick up the right connector for it then we share the pic's she took :)  

Mom and Boo

Thursday, May 23, 2013

reading now: Moon Over Manifest by Clare Vanderpool

beams of light

a matter of mind

Pulling out of the driveway I noticed our recycling can's lid was up.  Not wanting our papers blow all over the street I dispatched Boo to close it.  She returned carrying a pile of slightly crumpled white papers.  "Look what some schooled kid threw away in our can!  Why would they do that?"
I looked over the coloring sheets, "I guess they considered them work."
Boo sighed, "That makes me sad because I love doing work!"

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

cracking marbles

Here is an easy mini lab: 
1) Bake clear glass marbles at 500 degrees on a metal cookie sheet for 20 minutes.
Exceeding 20 minutes has little effect on the outcome.
2) After 20 minutes quickly transfer to into a metal bowl of ice water.  
The glass cools rapidly and can be safely handled in a mater of seconds after being cooled by the ice bath but it is always best to be careful.  I told Boo about a science experiment I still remember from 4th grade where our teacher alternating between a hotplate and an ice bath split glass marbles demonstrating how repeated freezing and thawing can split rock.  We tried 3 rounds of baking and freezing with a set but none of our marbles broke in the process.  I think 2 more rounds might have gotten us there.  Boo took a few outside sealed in a plastic and a small hammer to experiment with. The marbles we "cracked" once broke easily with a few light taps, the ones repeatably "cracked" shattered on the first tap, and marbles which had not gone through the process didn't break at all.
Cracked Marbles

Thursday, May 16, 2013

real math and paper math

 This math at our house.  Boo working on a workbook, in fact finishing the last page of a workbook, on to 4th grade math!!! And I am baking pumpkin bread.  Between problems I have her double the recipe for me, sometimes triple.  We think of it as real math and paper math.  She adds fractions and knows if the bread needs 40 minutes when it will be done (elapsed time).  That is real math.  Paper math is what is in math books.  One advantage to living a life full of real math is when you are doing paper math you can skip story problems.  Those are paper's maths attempt at real math :)  and it never fails how foolish they seem when we read them.    
But there times when paper math goes off into directions I didn't see coming like non-terminating numbers.  The frustrating thing as a 'teacher' and the best part about how Boo learns is she never lets you get away with answering a question with "just because that is how it is done"  if you ever had a math professor who took the time to show you how a formula was derived she/he was doing it for people like Boo who in order to understand have to KNOW why.  

 When it comes to money Boo is amazing.  She counts her money like a little miser hording gold coins.  She adds numbers together quickly at the store.  When she was buying her quail she multiplied 4 times the cost, added the price of the water base and the watering can then multiplied the cost of food per pound by how many pounds she was buying, estimated for tax, and came up with a total of 25.00.  
The actual price $25.16      
~ A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush ~

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

unschool math hop-scotch

 Skip Counting Hop-Scotch

 She floats :) 

an art start

The past few Mondays we have picked one subject to focus on.  

The first week we did math, the second  words, and this Monday we picked art and artists.

It's nice to feel like you have all the time in the world.  

It takes away the feeling of needing to move on.  Allows you dig deep.

It works so well and feels so good we might see how a week of one subject a day goes.

I read to her about art and artists.  

We colored and painted, stamped and cut.  

Later we turned on This American Life and listened to art.

Beautiful way to start the week.

Friday, May 10, 2013

a visit to After Care

 Boo's big sister works in the after school program at one of our local Title I schools.  They thought it would be nice to have her come speak to the kids about gymnastics and rising above challenges.
 So we pulled Boo early from gym to go to school.
 She was a little nervous at first but the kids loved her!!!
 Aside from her gymnastics skills the fact that she is home schooled really floored them.

We remember school~
 After questions and answers we went out to the field to show off some safe gym tricks.
 The kids were great!

 And Boo is not a rule follower
But even non-rule-followers love the play ground.
Good Job Boo-Bear! 
This maybe the start of a great career as a motivational speaker.