Monday, March 30, 2015

the elements of a good travel meet

Traveling in style with company to share the time and the $$$.
Staying with family, good food, & lots of love.
If you are ever in St George, Utah you have to eat at Bishops Diner!!!! 
On the hammock that is her 
"I didn't just eat a second doughnut" face.
Adventures in Killing and team lucnh.
Meet and compete! 
And we can't forget the late night post-meet dinner with coaches and a few teammates. Closed down the Outback Stake House! First time eating ribs. She loved them! Next on her list is to try lobster after Regionals.
Take in a history lesson on the road home
Cove Fort, Utah
Really, not too much to see here....
Decompress and let loose.
 Sun, water, and "fishing".
 "Does catching a dead one count?"
Learning to drive on a dusty country road.
And finish.

paper weaving project

Paper weaving, a fun little art project for a Sunday. First Beach painted sheets of paper with various patterns. After the paint dried she pressed the paper to make it easier to line up and cut. 
Then, using a paper cutter she cut the paper into strips.   
Spacing them evenly in the size she wanted, 
she taped one edge down to a smooth surface & began weaving.
When she was done weaving she bound the edges with tape.
Then she framed it using extra strips of paper.

the whole story of State Meet 2015

Beach found Coach Montana shoes.
All she needs now are long white socks
& she is ready for her coaching career!
Alright, meet details for State Meet 2015. 

Our girls started on floor. All of them did amazing routines!! LINK TO FLOOR. When they flashed Beach’s score of 9.75 I almost died. 

Pretty sure she has never had anything in the  9.7’s before. 

After floor they moved to vault. Beach vaulted a 9.075 which is a good vault for her. 

Next came bars LINK TO BARS. Holy smoke her routine was absolutely gorgeous!!!! The judges agreed with a 9.7 That is 2 scores in the 9.7’s!!!! 

Last event was beam. LINK TO BEAM. Beach slipped off in her series, not a bad fall just a bad place to come off. She needed the points for the series connection so she remounted the beam and repeated the series. 

The girls from our team who were sitting with us in the stands instantly commented, “Oh no, you don’t do 3 back-walk-overs.” 

But if you are going to do them you do them well! And you bet she did. Beautiful routine: the fall cost her .50 and the repeated skills cost her .50. 

Her end score was a 8.6 which only for showing how nice of a routine it was: without the fall & repeat it "was" in the area of a 9.6 routine. So proud of her!!!! It’s not easy to do a routine on beam in the first place but to fall and get back up with that much composer and grace- WOW.

Then a very sad thing happened. Beach had no idea she had scored so well on floor and bars. She was shown a score sheet thought the 37.125 All Around was a 31.125 (dang those eyes!). 

She sat through all of awards believing she had not qualified for Regionals!

Which, sort of made sense because although she placed 1st in Bars & 2nd in Floor, she didn’t medal in vault, beam, or the All Around. 

Being Beach, she covered her feelings so no one knew something was even wrong. 

After awards she managed to figure out she had actually qualified and was suddenly frantic to go sign in as a qualifier and get her tank top. 

As she was trying to explain to me that she needed to go to the judges table a coach from another gym, a coach with not the nicest of reputations came down the isle. He looked down at Beach, stuck out his big old hand and shoved her hard out of his way. I was shocked. Luckily, in all the commotion, Beach just thought someone had accidentally pushed her. How incredibly rude & a few more things!!!  I’ll leave it at that….

Our little team of only 5 girls took 3rd Place in State! Nice work. Our 6's took 3rd and our 8's took 1st!!!! 

 Here is the part of the story I really love, with the widest understanding of word love you can find. 

In the dark of the parking lot my child took my hand and said, “Mom, I know no one thinks I should be sad about falling off beam when I had such a good meet but I am incredibly sad about it.” Then she burst into tears. 

What I love about that is how much of her was right there in that moment. She is such a good, strong kid. She is deep and thoughtful with a very, very old soul.

I told her it was okay to be sad and when she was done being sad about to take a look at the whole thing again with new eyes.

She is still disappointed but she has also been able to see the larger victories of the day: 2 personal bests and a great All Around score! 

She is ready to take regionals!!! California here we come!      

Sunday, March 29, 2015

on the road State Meet 2015

 Oh yes, life is hard for a ninja staying at Uncle Reed & Aunt Jane's house. My dad's younger Brother and his lovely wife put us up while we were in town for the Utah State Gymnastics Championships. Thanks again for the hospitality and the fresh sugar donuts.  
 Rule is "no traveling on the day you compete". So we drove down on Thursday. Beach and the other Level 7's all competed at 5PM on Friday. Our gym had Excel girls compete on Thursday & 2 sessions of 8's and 6's on Saturday. 
 After settling the night before and attending the team lunch, the day of, we had some time to kill. More rules: no swimming, no sun, no hiking, before competing. Allowed: Lots of R&R, hydration, good food, and a lovely cat to cuddle with. 
 Friday, about 4:00 it was time to go- off to the races! 
 Almost literally, the meet was held at the fair grounds. Not the nicest venue but it was where it was....
 *spoiler alert*
That would be a Regional Qualifier, Utah State Level 7 overall Bar Champion (9.7), 2nd place Floor (9.75), and the most amazing kid on the planet, ready to go.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

pics for the travel meet Northern Lights 2015

One of the other gym moms sent me these photos of Beach and her mates from the last out of state meet. Today we travel to the "last" meet of the 2015 season. If she qualifies (a gymnast needs an All Around score of 32.00) she goes to Regionals in Long Beach, California in May. ~Wish her luck~
Some fancy dining out.
And some fancy dining in.

Meet Hair! Thank you, Heather <3 
This was Beach reading one of the cards I secretly handed off to the "mom in charge" to give to her. I sent one for the first night before bed and one for the morning before the meet.
 Of course you have to have pics with your teammates.
 Thanks again Heather, Lindsey, & Jeff for looking out for her!